Spring is here andJoanne Blake and Nikki Van Dusen demo the new accessorizing trends
a woman’s thoughts turn to…
updating her wardrobe.

We’ve got some advice on how to easily look current with accessories.

We’ve also got a great way for you to purge your wardrobe, acquire a few new outfits and help a fantastic women’s charity in Edmonton.

Your image consultants at the Woman’s Show

Terry and I were the image consultants invited to present tips on personal branding at the Edmonton Woman’s Show this past weekend. (Terry got to be an honorary woman for the weekend.)  Part of our stage presentations focused on how to use the latest accessory trends to revitalize your existing wardrobe.

This season’s hottest trends

I invited two of my colleagues and friends Charmin Rockwell and Nikki Van Dusen to model. (Terry refused to model. Just as well, he looks terrible in a shift.) The new accessorizing trends we showed were jungle inspired, Brazilian brights and feminine/romantic.

Inexpensive accessorizing

Nikki in 3 looks

They did a fantastic job and I’m certain there’s a new career in modeling waiting for them if they want to quit their day jobs!  I also called on a few of the audience members to help illustrate some concepts and they were really good sports coming up on stage as well.  The reasonably priced accessories we used were from Princess Florence boutique.  For more info and see the new accessory themes visit www.princessflorence.ca

Nude is a colour?

The photos show Nikki wearing a simple shaped shift (try saying that fast) in this season’s popular color “nude” (Which is really beige. I guess beige sounds too sedate.) then accessorizing in the new trends.

Here’s some of the accessorizing advice I shared at the Edmonton Woman’s Show.

Image Accessorizing Tips for Women:

  • If the garment is intended to be the centre of interest, play down your accessories.
  • If the garment is simple, add flair.
  • You can mix jewelry metals successfully if the pieces have the metals combined within them.
  • Matching shoes and handbags is ‘old school’, however they should harmonize with each other.
  • Accessories should be scaled to your body proportions.
  • To elongate your silhouette, your shoes should be in the same tone as your hair.

How to purge your wardrobe for Spring

We also had an opportunity to promote our fund raising clothing swap in support of Suit Yourself a charity which collects and distributes clothing to low income women seeking employment. It’s being held on May 28th at the Quality Inn West Harvest in Edmonton.

For specific details please visit our facebook event at  http://on.fb.me/StylePowerSwap
or click here to view and share our pdf info sheet with your friends

Clothing Swap Bonus

As a bonus your favorite image consultant will be on hand to offer some free advice and tips on your swap items. I’d love to see you there.

For more info on our team’s efforts to help Suit Yourself see my previous post 

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  1. It was a great opportunity to hang out together and get to know you better. I look forward to an encore presentation at the June 5th fashion tea in support of Suit Yourself.

  2. It was tons of fun to be your model, plus I got to try looks that I would never have dreamed of trying, and lo and behold, they look great. Thanks for the opportunity.

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