Conference Dining Keynote – Dining for Fun AND Profit

Liven up your Lunch with a Fun and Informative Presentation

This conference dining keynote presentation breaks the ice and gets people talking over lunch.

Conference Dining Keynote that informs and entertains

Dining for Fun and Profit is an EASY TO SWALLOW keynote

that will have your attendees laughing and learning over lunch.

Truly a lunch and learn... about lunching

Conference dining keynote in lively sections between courses:

  • 5 things you should never order for a business lunch
  • How to keep your tie out of the soup and other dry-cleaning savers
  • Some dining tactics your mom never taught you
  • Classy ways to end the meal, follow-up and gain referrals

Customized to meet your conference needs:

Breakfast, lunch or dinner – It works well at any conference meal you choose.

Leverage the presentation - Invite spouses/partners to attend and network.

R.O.I. - Your people will smile each time they dine throughout the conference.

It’s fun and memorable!

All your attendees will be applauding and holding their hands like Andrew Hore in the video below.

What others say about our conference dining keynote:

Testimonial Andrew Hore

Andrew Hore, Corporate Partnerships, Edmonton Oilers NHL team

“This business dining training was amazing! I would recommend the session to one and all. Please offer it again so all my friends and colleagues can come too now that I have talked about it so much.”

Business Professional - U of Alberta Alumni Association

“Your Dining for Success presentation livened up our dinner and was an entertaining hit with our retreat attendees. I would highly recommend it to any professional group looking for a fun and informative conference lunch or dinner presentation."

Edmonton Law Office Management Association &

Calgary Association of Legal Administrators

Conference Dining Keynote that entertains and informs2

Dining for Fun and Profit over a Calgary conference lunch.

Contact us to enlighten and liven up your conference or retreat meal.

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