Elevate Your Brand - Personal Branding Keynote

Personal Branding Keynote - Tips how to make a great impressionto

The A B C’s (and D for digital) of a Great Impression

In today’s highly competitive business world, there is only one chance to make a great first impression. That’s where our personal branding keynote presentation comes in.

You are your own brand

We all have a personal brand but it is probably in default mode. Most of us haven’t thought much about our brand. This personal branding keynote will help you fine tune and take control of the impression you make, both in person and digitally. Advice to use your personal branding to support your organization’s brand.

Timely tips to stand out positively

In Elevate Your Brand, Joanne Blake, corporate image consultant and personal branding expert provides her top tips for achieving a dynamic personal brand. She’ll help you avoid the most common branding mistakes through the A B C D’s of appearance, behaviour and communication and digital/social media presence.

Elevate Your Brand a personal branding keynote

Plenty of eye opening visuals and fun engagement dealing with:

A – Appearance

  • Use dress for success and casual wear as your brand-aid
  • Your unique brand traits & how they support your organization’s brand
  • 5 brand-blow-it image mistakes to avoid

B – Behaviour

  • Is your body language in need of a translator
  • Weak & wimpy or… ouch! – Hand shake boot camp
  • The secret hosting skills of great brand ambassadors

C – Communication

  • The Know, Like and Trust business success factor
  • Name, rank and serial number? How not to introduce yourself
  • Positive 1st time meetings – Building know, like and signaling trust

D – Digital presence

  • Avoid 3 social media mistakes that can total your brand
  • Making the most of your social media time
  • Rocking your Profile on LinkedIn

What others say about our personal brand keynote:

“I want to thank you for the superlative presentation you delivered to our staff regarding the matter of personal branding. Your presentation was first class and our staff’s response was that of overwhelming satisfaction. Thank you for assisting us with this delicate topic.”

Don Horner, President & CEO,

Canadian Urban Limited

“Joanne, I was speaking with a student in our Fast Track program who recently accepted a Manager role within PWC. In debriefing the year, she shared with me that your session changed her life (her words) and that she’s taken on an entirely new approach to how she presents herself since then. It was a very powerful testimonial so wanted to pass that along.”

Maxine Clarke Director, Career Education,

Alberta MBA, School of Business

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