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Jun 28

How to Look Smooth When Dining Out

By Joanne Blake | Dining , Dress & Image , Etiquette & Manners

Tips to hold your knife and fork
without looking awkward

Brought up in a barn?


Ever heard someone say “Were you born in a barn?” While it’s safe to say that very few of us were barn babies, that doesn’t mean that we were brought up with good table manners.

Handsome is, as handsome does

Nowadays the majority of people don’t know all the dining etiquette rules (and even fewer know the rules of business dining). Most people will not notice when you make a table manners faux pas.
BUT one thing almost everybody knows is what awkward looks like.Continue reading

Feb 12

Is Connectivity Killing Conversation?

By Joanne Blake | Dining , Etiquette & Manners , Networking

Parents Beware: Technology is Impairing Social Skills

This past month I have been to a few conference dinners Family at table all with deviceswhere I have been seated with many young professionals – most of them under 30. Conversation is often fragmented because of interrupting each other by sharing neat stuff on their phones, snapping pictures of the food, entertainment and taking selfies.

An alarming trend

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Jul 05

7 Reasons Not to Teach Your Kids Etiquette

By Joanne Blake | Dining , Etiquette & Manners , Networking

Who needs polite, outgoing children with good table manners?

With tongue firmly in cheek, here are seven reasons to stop you from teaching your children proper etiquette and good social skills.

Reason 1: They’ll be too smart and do well in Rude Children? 7 reasons not to teach kids good manners and etiquetteschool

Who wants smart kids? The scientific journal, Child Development, released an analysis of 33 studies, that found that teaching kids social and emotional skills leads to an average 11 percentile point gain in their academic performance.Continue reading

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