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Make a Great Impression with Electronic Etiquette

Why Tech Etiquette Training is vital to your organization.

These days the first point of client/customer contact is usually email or phone. Your team could be blowing this opportunity to create a wow first impression. Far from making a great impression, you might not be even making a good one.

Savvy not Stuffy Tech Etiquette Training Fun

Communicating electronically saves time, money and effort. However, depending on how you use these modern technologies they can either enhance or tarnish your brand and reputation. Tech etiquette training is designed to heighten your team's awareness of the most common mistakes made as well as identifying best practices and solutions to promote professionalism.

Electronic Etiquette = Great Customer Service

The customer experience and relationship is based on all your points of contact, electronic and personal interactions. A good grounding in electronic etiquette enables your employees to make customers and co-workers feel valued and respected.

Your brand is the impression you and your company make at each point of contact: telephone, email, mobile phones, texting and social media.

Savvy not Stuffy Tech Etiquette Training

This engaging tech etiquette training program is designed to provide the awareness and skills to boost internal and external customer service. Plenty of visuals/cartoons and scenario discussions. In addition, we’ll explore using the right medium for the message, and the client, and when it’s most effective to pick up the phone or meet face to face.

Topics covered in Tech Etiquette Training:

  • Improve each point of client contact
  • Standout positively on the phone and e-mails
  • I text therefore I am
  • Voice mail Hell-o
  • Smart phones and not-so-smart mobile manners
  • LinkedIn tips to build career and business
  • Social media vs you and your organization's brand

This program will be customized for your team or conference.

What others said about Tech Etiquette Training:

Testimonial Carole Carnegie

Carol Carnegie, Legal Assistant, Edmonton Law Firm

I would highly recommend your program to any organization. We have already seen positive changes in the way our staff are presenting themselves and how they are approaching their business relationships.

Regional Vice-President, Western Canada


We were so impressed with the Style for Success workshops that we decided to bring them in to work with our own team. Their rich customer service content and valuable tools delivered immediate, tangible benefits for our organization.

Amber Hughes, Vice-President, Marketing and HR,

Lakeland Credit Union

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