Not wearing your business wear so much because of covid?

Use this as an opportunity to renew and restyle a suit or other clothing.

We decided to update this older post on how to re-tailor or restyle a suit.

Terry gets a good for the planet makeover when he gets convinced to restyle a suit.

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Professional Presence Quiz

Take our Professional Presence Quiz to discover your strengths and gaps.

Professional presence is how you come across to others in person and virtually in terms of your brand, etiquette, image, interpersonal and leadership skills.

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Zoom Fatigue... Moi?

Are you feeling on your own, out of sorts and ready to scream? You may be suffering from the dreaded... Zoom Fatigue.

Yes, according to researchers at Stanford, 'Zoom Fatigue' is real and can be debilitating. It's causes go beyond the obvious being isolated, shut in, staring at screens and meeting people only virtually. Here are a few of the hidden causes and symptoms with some tips to help you get over Zoom Fatigue.

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cover of How to build connection book

There has never been a more important year to build connection.

Yet these are tough times to build connection. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog and I’ll be honest, I just haven’t been inspired, in part because of the crazy times we’ve been living in.

Unfocused and divided

We’ve been through a year that’s felt in many ways like a decade. And it’s so easy to feel depleted, divided and unconnected. Easy to focus on only the negative, all the things we’re no longer able to do, travel to places on our bucket list, and that we’ve missed out on so much. But in many ways these past months have also provided a silver lining. Time to catch up on my passions which include reading, binge watching favourite shows and spending more time in nature. But also forced me to reach out virtually to build connection or reconnect with people.

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Website makeover by

Our site was showing its age.

We needed a website makeover.

As corporate image consultants we are hyper aware of branding and professional presence. That’s why we decided to update and overhaul our web site. Our web site not only looked a little dated but our search engine optimization was dropping us on the google rankings. We were also concerned that it didn’t translate well to smaller screens and phones. A company’s and an individual’s online presence needs to match their brand.

When image consultants need a website makeover, who you going to call?

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The Lost Art of Reading Books

Why reading books makes you a good conversationalist and more empathetic.

P.S. and it can even help you find love.

Why books matter in a distracted time

We recently attended a fascinating lecture by David Ulin, former book critic of the Los Angeles Times and author of nine books including The Lost Art of Reading…Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time. Speaking on all aspects of books, writing and reading this was a fascinating evening. David was lively, entertaining, and not surprising, very well read. I couldn’t wait to read his latest book!

Reading books or eBooks

An audience member asked if he felt if there is a difference between reading a hard copy of a book versus reading eBooks on a device. David’s response was that it really didn’t matter. It depended on the person’s preference; the important thing was just to read!

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