Connecting at Conference - Networking Keynote

The Fun Way to Get People Networking at Conferences

Delegates list networking at conferences as one of the main reasons for attending, but shyness and fear of rejection prevents many from connecting at conference and really enjoying the event.

Style for Success - Connect at Conference Keynote

Also perfect for a special 1st Timers event.

Meeting Planners Increase conference ROI

This popular networking at conferences program is based on easy conversation strategies designed to get attendees mixing and connecting. It breaks the ice and increases overall conference return on investment.

Make the Most of Your Conference Experience

A great starting presentation that makes attending conference less daunting, more enjoyable and rewarding. We have created an engaging, fast-paced Connecting at Conference keynote that enables people to get to know each other in low risk, high return interactions.

Delegates have fun while meeting new people and learn simple networking skills to connect with others throughout the conference. Even people who say they hate networking enjoy this stress-free, easy connecting conversations approach.

Connecting at Conference keynote participants will:

   •    Meet at least 3 new friends

   •    Overcome shyness in themselves and others

   •    Avoid the 3 big foot-in-mouth mistakes

   •    Smoothly enter AND exit conversations

   •    Laugh & have fun using the skills during the conference

Add a kick off or 'new comer' reception that rocks

Schedule a kick off or new-comers event. Get your delegates mixing and mingling so they hit the conference running. This presentation breaks the ice, builds confidence and connections. Newcomers leave the connecting at conference session energized, confident and with new friends. The 1st timers often rave about the presentation so much that many meeting-planners add additional networking concurrent sessions.

What meeting planners say about our networking at conference programs:

"It was a pleasure to have you back by popular demand. As one delegate commented, 'it made the conference well worth it all on its own'. I would highly recommend your programs to any group looking for conference and convention presentations."

Donna Engel - Manager, Corporate Services

Alberta School Board Association

"Joanne and Terry provided our national conference first-timers and delegates with a great blend of professionalism and humour, tips, tricks and tools for more meaningful networking."

Wendy McLean-Cobban - Manager, Communications

Canadian Payroll Association

“The impact of your fun and engaging session was evident throughout the Conference as delegates were able to utilize the tools and strategies that you provided them to meet our key conference objectives including networking, relationship building and knowledge exchange. Your professionalism, organization and attention to detail was evident throughout the planning and delivery of the session. It was a pleasure to be able to work with you and thank you for contributing to the success of our conference.”

Marvin Dobish - Sport Consultant

Alberta Sport Connection

(BTW - CPA boasts more than 400 new-comers to its latest conference and brought us back a second year for new-comers reception and concurrent networking sessions)

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