Business Casual Training with Visible Results

Your people can dress informally and still make your organization look good with our business casual training.

Not everyone wears a suit or tie to work. Casual Fridays have expanded. Many industries that we work with, have casual dress throughout the week.

Style for Success -Business Casual Training

The Dressing Down Dilema

Unfortunately casual wear offers more choices and more chances to become a fashion victim.

Our business casual training seminar can make you and your team look and feel good.

It just takes a little knowledge and help. That's where we come in.

People need and appreciate the knowledge and skills to look good and credible no matter what they wear. This seminar empowers them to always make a positive impression.

Looking good and feeling good

We have experience in making image training engaging and non-threatening. Our training is perceived as personal development because the skills acquired carry over into your team's personal lives.

With lots of group discussion, exercises and photo illustrations, we help people make casual clothing and colour choices that enhance their personal style and your organization's brand.

Business Casual Training Content:

•      Understand the first impression

•      Finding your personal style and brand

•      Clothing to enhance body type and skin tone

•      5 things that undermine an image

•      Grooming, hair and makeup tips

•      Work-wear on a budget

What others said about Credible Business Casual training:

Style for Success greatly simplified the process for us by assisting us in developing workable office dress and business casual guidelines, and delivering customized seminars to smooth their implementation.

Employee and Organization Effectiveness Manager

EPCOR Utilities Inc.

Your seminar helped us to raise the bar with respect to how employees are presenting themselves with clients and one another. In the days following your presentation there was lots of buzz with everyone analyzing what they were wearing according to the clothing levels you shared. The etiquette skills have assisted our team to be more confident when hosting visitors at our place of work. Thank you for presenting a potentially dry subject in such a fun and engaging manner.

Lorraine Moster - Director, Human Resources

Edmonton Northlands

This program will be customized for your team or conference.

We are experts in designing effective dress codes and their successful implementation.

We also consult and advise on uniforming options.

Contact us today to start looking more credible to your customers.

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