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Feb 12

Is Connectivity Killing Conversation?

By Joanne Blake | Dining , Etiquette & Manners , Networking

Parents Beware: Technology is Impairing Social Skills

This past month I have been to a few conference dinners Family at table all with deviceswhere I have been seated with many young professionals – most of them under 30. Conversation is often fragmented because of interrupting each other by sharing neat stuff on their phones, snapping pictures of the food, entertainment and taking selfies.

An alarming trend

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Aug 28

How to Turn a Temporary Job into a Full-time Position

By Joanne Blake | Etiquette & Manners , Networking


Tempt a full-time job out of a temporary 


Parlay a Temp Job into a Full-time Position

These days temps are not just entry-level positions but are now higher-level such as engineers and even interim managers.

In this tight job market almost anyone can be offered temporary work. Many companies are using temporary staffing at all levels to get them through the downturn.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider a temp job beyond just being able to pay your monthly bills.

Our advice is – take the temporary position

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