The scouts get new uniforms – What about you?

By Terry Pithers | Current Affairs

Mar 29


If the Scouts get new uniforms,
how important is updating your professional image?

As an ex-Cub I was intrigued to learn that new Scout uniforms have been unveiled for the first time in 20 years. They wanted to look current yet be practical.

Short pants to die for

When I was a Cub, the most memorable part of my uniform were the gosh awful short pants that we had to wear. They were one size fits all. The leg holes were so wide and voluminous, they made my already beanpole legs look like matchsticks. Click here to see a picture of what I looked like. Be prepared… to laugh.

Modern and appropriate

Thank goodness they’ve updated their looks. What do you think of them? I  think the kids will feel proud and comfortable to wear them (unlike myself whose legs still haven’t thawed from those shorts and cold winter winds). They look modern yet identify the wearer as a member of the Scouting organization.

Is your first impression stale-dated?

What about yourself? Is it time to update your professional dress? People make certain assumptions based on the first impression, which occurs in just 3 seconds. You don’t have time to say a lot in three seconds so much is conveyed by what you wear. Our advice – if your dress is dated the assumption is that your ideas and outlook may be dated. (Ebook Executive Image Power has tips to help from 20 top North American image consultants)

Top to bottom advice

Accessories are a great and inexpensive way to update to your wardrobe with new scarves, ties, shoes and especially your eyeglasses. Joanne and I just helped some professional speaker friends choose new glasses. The results were dramatic. It immediately updated their looks and they received lots of compliments on their new image.

So take a tip from the Scouts and your corporate image consultants. Be prepared to update your look every now and then so your image looks current and represents you and your organization in the best possible light.

Bonus Scouting trick question: Does anyone know what a woggle is? (Hint: the girl is wearing one with her unifrom in the photo above.)

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