Executive Coaching – Take Your Success to the Next Level

Individual Coaching to Move You from Good to Great

What is Executive Coaching?

Definition: One-to-one help and guidance to chart your career or life goals and facilitate the steps to reach them. Focusing on elevating your personal brand, including soft skills, social skills, communication and image.

Move from good to great with Individual executive coaching

Are you good at what you do?

But need some help fine-tuning your people skills, protocol, image and brand?

Are you transitioning in your life or career?

Want to feel, act and look your best?

Are you ready to take your success 

to the next level?

Looking for a confidential executive coach to guide and assist you?

Joanne Blake CPC, AICI CIP, is here to help.

Joanne, a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Image Professional (the only one in Alberta and one of only 175 image and etiquette consultants in the world who have attained this designation) has coached individuals from all walks of life (politicians, professionals, business owners and executives) to reach their goals.

Are you ready to invest in yourself 

with targeted one-on-one executive coaching?

Joanne has a proven process that will help you identify your goals and challenges and then provide individual executive coaching to get you where you want to go.

Studies show that success in getting, keeping, and advancing in a job depends 85% on soft skills, or “people” skills; and only 15% on technical knowledge. (Studies by Harvard, Carnegie and Stanford Institutes.)

Joanne will work with you to:

  • Maximize your impact & personal effectiveness
  • Develop your style & personal brand
  • Become proactive vs. reactive in your career & life
  • Enhance the power of your communication
  • Present a more polished personal & professional image
  • Hone your interpersonal & networking skills
  • Master the art of connecting with colleagues & clients
  • Fine-tune your etiquette, protocol and dining skills
  • Build a wardrobe with colours & styles that suit you
  • Leadership skills – inspire confidence in yourself & others

Executive Coaching to succeed from the inside, out

It starts with a simple phone call.

A conversation with Joanne to discuss where you want to go in your career and life and how she can help you reach your goals.

Call Joanne today.

Confidential one-on-one executive coaching that offers visible results so you look and project your best

by a Certified Image Professional and Certified Professional Coach, offering executive coaching in the Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta region of Canada. See Joanne’s bio

What others said about executive coaching:

I had the pleasure in receiving Joanne’s valuable knowledge on dressing for success when I worked at a downtown hotel. We invested in her Corporate Team Makeover, which included some one-on-one consulting with Joanne. Since then, I have never had to second-guess my attire, resulting in accelerated confidence and promotions along the way.

Candis, Manager

Hospitality Industry

In the past, I found shopping for my professional wardrobe to be tedious and painful, because I never knew what colours or fabrics worked together or suited me; so, I stuck with blacks and greys with basic colored shirts. Joanne’s assistance with custom tailoring selections has saved me time, money and frustration and made an onerous task less daunting. Coworkers, colleagues, and clients took immediate notice that I was no longer dressing myself on my own!

Tom, Partner

Chartered Accounting Firm

Contact us today to invest in your success and move from good to great.

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