Six years ago this September, a very good friend of ours went for a routine chiropractic neck adjustment. On her way home from the chiropractors, she suffered a series of violent strokes that left her unable to move, swallow, or talk.

The neck manipulation had damaged arteries in Sandy’s neck and she almost died. Instead she became a prisoner of locked-in syndrome; aware of the world around her but only able to communicate by blinking her eyes.

David and Sandy Nette

A riveting and inspiring book about her journey back

We are neighbors and good friends of Sandy Nette and her husband, David. They have just published a must read book based on this incredible 6 years of their lives.

The book’s jacket says it all

Blink: Life After Locked In Syndrome is the remarkable true story of a young woman’s courage, strength and determination to beat the odds. It is also an exceptional tribute to the power of unconditional love.

In the blink of an eye, everything can change.

Barely in her forties, she’d been cast into a living hell. But neither Sandy, nor her devoted husband David, were willing to accept this cruel fate and together they began to fight for their future.

David Nette narrates the events that tore him and Sandy apart and then brought them closer than ever, sharing the trials and triumphs of their unique relationship, one always filled with humor even in the darkest days.

Blink: Life After Locked-In Syndrome is a story that may just change your life.

Joanne and I contributed a testimonial for the book

This is what we had to say:

This is a story that everyone needs to read. It is a cautionary tale, a motivational story of trials, courage and triumphs but mostly it is a love story. An inspiring love story about a man and woman whose commitment and love for each other serves as a touchstone and example for our own relationships.Blink: Life After Locked In Syndrome - chiropractic stroke

Their book is available through GoodReads and on Kobo.

A hardcover version of Blink: Life After Locked In Syndrome is available through Amazon .

Their story has been aired on TV and with the publication of their book, the world media is covering their inspiring story.
Here is a link to the UK’s Daily Mail Newspaper article along with many photos of Sandy and David Nette before and after their ordeal.

We cried, we laughed

Sandy and David’s journey will make you laugh, make you cry and come away with a renewed commitment to your life and family and to savoring each day as the gift it truly is.

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  1. Thank you for posting this story! I have been going to a chiropractor for “preventative maintenance” for years and there have been times where I have had second thoughts about the treatments which were done, especially when I would walk out feeling worse than I did before I walked in…

    David and Sandy’s story is a definite eye-opener, especially after our doctor has claimed that the procedures are “100% safe”; I had never bothered to look into that statement!

    We wish the couple all the best in Sandy’s full recovery! Their love story is an inspiration to all.

  2. It’s a great short read and very inspiring isn’t it, John. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope more of our readers pick it up.

  3. Hi Joanne and Terry, I just read “Blink”. It is amazing the strength and determination this woman had to recover from her misfortunes. When perhaps so many people had given up hope, Sandy never did. As you already know I work in the healtcare setting. As I read “Blink”, I could relate to many of her theapies as many of my clients go through many of the therapies and treatmenst that Sandy went through.

  4. Thanks for sharing John. It’s heartwarming to know there are unselfish,good people out there that make a difference.

  5. I work in the health care setting. I remember earlier in my career while training in this field, a colleague of mine said to the wife of one of our clients’, “You are an amazing woman”, she responded by saying, ” “I promised my husband 60 yrs ago that I would look after him in sickness and in health”…and that is exactly what she did.

  6. Dave and Sandy,
    You might not consider yourselves heroes but you are inspirational to us all. As you say in your book “Today is the present we all have. Get those hugs in and don’t spend time trying to save the pretty paper… rip it open and enjoy!” Thanks for the great book and reminder.

  7. Terry & Joanne,
    We are humbled and moved by your kind words.

    Thank you so much for posting this tribute on your website!

    We are no hero’s… like so many others in this world, we are simply trying to make sense of it all when the chips are down.

    Don’t save the pretty paper,
    Dave & Sandy

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