20% off all our resources

Each Christmas Joanne and I have been make donations to Oxfam as a way of saying thank you to our friends and clients. We also do it because it makes us feel good and because it helps others.

A bonus for you

We did it again this year but we also decided to add a little bonus for our blog and newsletter readers.

Oxfam Unwrapped donation program

We’ve got a special promo code below that will get you 20% off all our books, dining DVDs and online training.

Promo code: 20%dec2013
(good until the goat eats it Dec 25th)

It’s a little bit like Cinderella because on midnight Christmas eve the promo code turns into a pumpkin being pulled by mice. Sort of. (Okay the promo code no longer works after Dec 24th.)

What about the goat?

So where does the goat come in? Our donation to Oxfam was for various gifts through Oxfam unwrapped including girls education and some actual farm animals (chickens and goats) to help feed and get people on their feet.

Join us

We encourage you to make a donation to Oxfam either in the Oxfam Uunwrapped program or make a donation to Oxfam and the Philippine relief. (For more charities that are involved in the Philippines read our recent blog post with charity links.)

Warm wishes

So we hope you enjoy your 20% discount and your chickens and goats. Have a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday season. Cherish and hug those that you hold dear.

All the best for 2014, from Terry and Joanne!



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