Are you man enough or savvy enough to wear a pink shirt?

Shirt colour tips and advice that can help you succeed

Clothes might make the man but colours set them apart at the office

A fascinating British study commissioned by Cotton USA found that men who wear pink colour shirts earn 1000 pounds or $1600 more per year than their more conservative brothers who stick to traditional blue or white shirts.

What you can gain from a pink shirt:

pink shirts study- colour tips and shirt color advice for men

  • $1600 more a year  (that will buy  a lot of pink shirts)
  • A better position to go along with the salary
  • More compliments from female colleagues (Terry better watch that, I might get jealous)
  •  Be perceived as more confident in the office
  • Be twice as likely to have a master’s degree
  • Have a lower carbon  footprint

Benefits of lilac shirts

  • Men who wear mauve color or lilac shirts have the most office romances (guys who wear blue shirts have the least)
  • Lilac shirts have a better chance at promotions

Guess who’s late and who is punctual?

Men who favor shirts in green tones are most likely to be late for work and no surprise – men who wear white shirts are most punctual.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

The question is does the pink shirt make a man more successful or are successful men more confident and therefore more likely to wear more adventuresome colors such as pink? Either way I’m going tip Terry off to wear more pink shirts.  And maybe even some lilac ones but only when he’s going out with me.

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Posted by Joanne Blake – The Canadian Corporate Image Consultant and shirt colour connoisseur

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  1. Love to hear that, Val, about leading by example. I’ve been adding more french cuff shirts in mauves and pinks too. I like to think the cuff links add a ‘Bond, James Bond’ touch to my wardrobe. I think the sharp, more dressy clothes in the film Skyfall, will help improve men’s business dress.

    Keep up the good work, Val. You know what they say “Behind every well-dressed man, is usually a woman.”

  2. I’m proud to say my husband is a thoroughly metrosexual man who indulges in pink, mauve, lilac (you name it and the blingy cufflinks to match!) shirts on a daily basis. At first he took a lot of stick for his ‘fancniness’ from his male colleagues at work but most congratulated him on his bravery and openly admired his taste and style. One thing he particularly enjoys is the attention he gets from his female colleagues who appreciate him a lot! He works in Sales Management and so his look sets him apart from his competitors and he is always remembered wherever he goes. He is now noticing a number of his male colleagues smartening up their own image … he’s influencing them inadvertantly which can never be a bad thing!

  3. Hi Irene,
    Thanks for sharing. I’ve always felt that it makes men stand out – in a good way — even before the studies confirmed the benefits.
    Best wishes for the holidays.

  4. Yummmm. love the pink and mauve shirt; my husband has one of each and wears them occasionally too. Love your blog. Have a wonderful holiday and the best for the New Year! Irene

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