Does your colleague talk too loudly on the phone?

What do you do if a co-worker smells bad?

Do you say anything? And if so, what?

Image consultants to the rescue

Reporter Joanne Richard recently interviewed myself and two other etiquette and image consultants to give tips and advice on handling social minefields in the workplace or office. This article appeared in Sun Media publications across Canada.

We reveal the proper etiquette of how to politely deal with coworkers who:

Smelly lunch? How to handle awkward etiquette and image issues at work

  • Pile on the perfume
  • Accessorize their teeth with spinach
  • Eat a stinky lunch at their desk
  • Use their outdoor voice in the office
  • Trail toilet paper on their shoe
  • Gab and gossip
  • Do annoying other things that bug you

Click here to read the complete Toronto Sun article with our tips and advice to handle these image and etiquette issues smoothly and without damaging your own image or career.
Click here for a PDF of the article.

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Posted by Joanne Blake – The Corporate Image Consultant and etiquette minefield navigator

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