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Executive Etiquette Power eBook


More than 200 pages of tips and advice on how to advance your career from the top executive etiquette experts. (PDF compatible with most computers and e readers) $9.95 USD

Tips and advice on how to advance your career from the top executive etiquette experts. Over 200 pages

Executive Etiquette Power is the essential resource to building professional confidence, making a great impression and solidifying your success with every business encounter.

Your professional success comes as the result of more than talent, commitment and hard work.

Your career success will also be determined by how you greet a client, conduct a meeting, deliver a presentation or entertain your new business contacts. In fact, your success is determined by the way you present yourself in all that you say and do! We know you want to be the absolute best you can be.

With this book, you can quickly learn how leaders in your field conduct themselves to get the very best results. As top experts in each of our respective specialties, we have joined together to give you the most powerful executive etiquette tips, advice and strategies available.

“Executive Etiquette Power is a must read for anyone who wants to give themselves a clear advantage in today’s marketplace.”
– Brian Tracy, best-selling author and speaker

20 Experts share their tips in over 200 pages

Available as a PDF eBook for only $9.95 USD

20 Advice Packed Chapter Topics:

– The Power of Social Capital
– Working a Room for Maximum Impact
– Boosting Your Charisma Quotient
– Leading with Finesse
– The Psychological Power of Executive Etiquette
– Getting a Business Off to a Great Start
– Let’s Talk – Effective Phone Etiquette
– Your Best Executive Image
– Guide to Executive Table Manners
– Keys to Being an Accomplished Leader
– Hosting International Clients and Travel
– The Art of Doing Business in India
– Tips for Proper Chinese Etiquette
– The Etiquette of the Deal
– Entertaining with Polish and Pizzazz
– How to Say It and Not Regret It
– Press Protocol – Doing It Like a Pro
– Influencing Clients and Colleagues
– Public Speaking with Ease
– High-Tech Etiquette

Gain the etiquette advantage for your career success.
Only $9.95 USD