Style for Success - Before and after photo of a personal brand and image update with tips and advice

Does your image need an overhaul?

A few years ago, an engineering client gave us some good image advice. He said you need to update your brand, your website doesn’t represent how good you actually are. (Terry was a bit hurt because he designed our first website but we realized the client was right.) Our site was part of our brand and it didn’t create a great first impression of us. So we hired a professional to update our site.

Why we’re doing a website re-design

Since then we have gone through a few website re-designs. We now need one that is responsive to smart phones and tablets. Also some of our offerings have changed such as executive coaching etc. We’re working on the redesign right now and we’ll roll it out in a few months.

What about you?

Do you need to revamp something to update your brand? Is it time to honestly

evaluate your professional wardrobe or LinkedIn profile?

Here are 5 personal image & update your brand tips:

Tip 1 – Is your wardrobe dating you?
I often encounter seasoned professionals wearing clothing purchased more ten years ago. But it still fits. You may not notice, but others will. Wearing dated clothing can imply that your ideas and thinking may be outmoded.

This doesn’t mean that you should jump on the latest trend, but be aware of what’s current, invest in classics and then use your own sense of style to incorporate new pieces into your classic wardrobe.  See our posts on Age Appropriate Dressing Advice and Money Saving Tips to Update a Man’s Suit

Tip 2 – Time to update your eye-wear?
“Your eyes are the windows to your soul’”. They are the centre of communication and get noticed immediately. Like clothing, eye-wear styles changes. Glasses from a different era can make you look dated.

Choose  a pair that suits your face shape and enhances your eye colour. Don’t be afraid of bold or striking glasses if they suit your style. New glasses can immediately update your brand.

Tip 3 – A new haircut or hairdo?
A hairstyle is an important accessory and reflects a person’s personality and personal brand. When you’re looking for a new look, consider your industry/profession, your  hair texture, features and lifestyle. All this should be factored in before making a major change.

It’s important to consult with a trusted hair stylist or image consultant who can give you objective feedback before embarking on a radical new look. See Hairstyle and Beard Advice for the Office.

Tip 4 – Time for a color consultation?
Ever been feeling fine but someone comes up and ask whether you you’re feeling ill? There’s a good chance you were wearing the wrong colours! The right colours that suit your complexion can make you look healthy, well rested, and vibrant. Wearing the wrong colours, does the opposite.

Choosing your best colours doesn’t make a garment cost any more than wearing the wrong ones. Investing in a colour consultation is something that lasts a lifetime and keeps paying dividends in the way of compliments and confidence. Besides updating your brand, it saves you time and money as well. So what are you waiting for? See Colour Advice – Which Red is Right for You.

Tip 5 – Last but not least update your LinkedIn photo
Okay you’ve taken our advice to update your brand. Now it’s time to show it off on social media. Save this to last after you have updated the 4 elements above. Show off your new look on your professional LinkedIn profile with a new photo.

Posted by Joanne Blake – Canadian Corporate Image Consultant and personal brand advisor

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