How to Give Your Tie-Less Suit or Jacket Some Pizazz

In a recent blog post Terry talked about how he got an older suit updated, re-tailored  and restyled. When it come to men’s fashion, the suit looks updated BUT… when he wears the suit without a tie, something is missing.

Just lays thereTips and advice to dress up a suit without a tie.

The tie adds a certain pizzazz and flash of color to a man’s outfit. Without the tie, the suit still looks good but it just doesn’t pop. So I’ve tried to get him to stretch his logical fashion conservative self to add a little more color and flair to his wardrobe.

Adding some style to your substance

Terry has always liked to wear a nice watch which helps and he favors brown or cordovan/burgundy shoes and a similarly toned belt rather than black . He also doesn’t mind more colorful shirts. But that was about as far as he would go.

Accessories add style

Women have learned to accessorize outfits to add some pizzazz and demonstrate their personal style. This can be a bit of a stretch for men but is well worth the effort. I gave Terry some advice and tips to jazz up his look and he’s gamely tried a few of them.

Here are six things to add individual style and pizzazz to your look without a tie:

Tip 1 – Make sure you wear a nice watch (not too much bling, a little bling goes a long way)

Tip 2 – Try a colored or bolder pattern shirt (no big lumberjack patterns)

Tip 3 – Choose a French cuff shirt with some colorful cufflinks

Tip 4 – Rather than black shoes try a nice brown or two-tone or cordovan pair of shoes (polished not distressed)

Tip 5 – Experiment with some patterned or more colorful socks

Tip 6 – Add a pocket square neatly folded or go crazy and just let it puff out of your pocket

Harry Rosen recently had a nice video that shows some ways to give a lift to a suit or jacket sans a tie.

Here is a link to the video or watch it above.

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  1. Ease into it, Dwight. I got some socks that had both black and gray pattern in them. I got used to that. Then two weeks ago I was doing a keynote for the Alberta Shorthand Reporters Association and I decided to go totally wild.
    I wore some purple socks with my dark gray suit. (I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but I actually felt more creative and my humour went over fantastically well.)

    Maybe start with a more colourful shade of black.

    As for color versus colour. Mea culpa. My spell check is set for American english for SEO reasons and more than 50% of our readers are from the US and I didn’t want to scare them off. I felt our Canadian readers ( who are used to two official languages anyway) could handle it.

    For our readers who are not familiar with Pippi Longstocking here is a link with photos.

  2. I really can’t go with the colourful socks. Looks too much like Pipi Longstocking. P.S. Your spell checker is wrong. In Canada we spell and pronounce words like labour and colour with the u. It’s why Americans think we have an accent.

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