An Inspiring Act of Kindness on the LRT

I seldom take the train downtown but when I do, I the meet the most extraordinary people. Shortly before Christmas I chose an LRT seat opposite a lovely young woman who smiled warmly when I sat down. Unlike many people on the train, she didn’t’ have her phone out or her earbuds plugged in shutting out the world.

Mmm good!Pay it forward - Random acts of kindness

I made a comment that something smelled really good on the train.  She said that she had just made a batch of gluten free cookies for her boyfriend and asked me if I’d like one. I thanked her and boy were they good.

Making a connection

We got talking and it soon felt like we had known each other for years; funny how that happens with some people. I learned that she had just moved here from Vancouver to join her boyfriend. She was just 17 years old and working on her high school equivalency diploma and looking for part time work.

She shared her dream of wanting to pursue a scholarship for higher education. I made some suggestions on companies she might like to check out for work opportunities.

A box of cookies

While we were in conversation, a man who looked like he had seen better days got on the train and sat across from us. He too could smell the cookies and boldly asked if he could have one.

Without hesitation, she offered up a whole box to him. I thought wow, that’s one special gal. I know she’ll not only do well but she’ll make the world a better place. wherever life takes her.

My resolution

At this busy time of year when we’re multi-tasking and self-absorbed, it was inspiring to observe such generosity of spirit. It made me think about paying forward her example this year.

Have you experienced anything recently that made you feel good and want to make a difference this coming year?

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed this article. This young woman was truly an inspiration.

    Today I had the chance to take the train again and there was a young man who gave up his seat for a senior. A small acts of kindness yes, but do they ever make a difference in our outlook and actions.

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