young professionals demonstrate the fun art of business dining.

There is an art of business dining, but it can be fun

The business lunch seems scary when you’re beginning a career. But the younger you start polishing your table manners, the more you can relax and really enjoy business dining.

Young accountants are leading the way

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta has an advice packed magazine that addresses career related topics and issues for university, college and high school students. Terry just had a dining etiquette article published in the spring issue of Capitalize Magazine. Click here to read CPA Capitalize magazines.

Business dining is an integral part of the business world.

The business lunch is a great way to build relationships and achieve success. But it can be a little daunting. Terry has provided some tips to help make you comfortable when dining out and make a great impression at the table.

Some fun tips and art of business dining advice:

  1. Which bread plate or glass is mine? – Think of a shiny new BMW: B for bread plate on your left, M for main plate in the middle and W for your water glass on your right.
  2. How do I protect my fancy business clothes? – Constantly protect your assets by always putting your napkin on your lap early in the meal.
  3. What should I never order? – Anything messy, so skip the ribs, tacos and spaghetti (if you absolutely have to have pasta, order the smaller ones like penne or ravioli)
  4. What if I’m a slow eater? – Don’t be the tortoise or the hare. Keep pace with your dining companions.
  5. What do I talk about? – Have some small talk ready. Share and ask questions  so you can get to know each other.
  6. When do I get down to business? – Usually after the main course or over coffee, but when the client brings up business that’s the time to get down to it.
  7. What if I make a mistake?–It’s not about being perfect. Just practice holding your silverware and your dining etiquette at home. Classy table manners will become second nature.

Easy to digest help

Dining with others should be fun. Think of your dining skills as business and career skills. You’ll always feel confident and make a great impression at the table.

For more tips here’s a link to Terry’s article The Fine and Fun Art of Business Dining in the CPA magazine. For an easy all-you-need-to-know visual aid check out our award winning online dining etiquette course.

Posted by Joanne Blake – Dining etiquette speaker and classy diner

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