Natalie Portman - Academy awards Oscar promoting Save the Children

How to use fashion to promote your worthy cause.

Stars like George Clooney and Natalie Portman use their celebrity status to make the planet a better place. Natalie looked gorgeous on the Oscars red carpet but she wasn’t just wearing a designer dress she was also wearing a cause on her sleeve. She was making a charitable fashion statement to draw attention to initiatives to open up access to education for girls in the developing world. Click here to see her video for Save the Children

Why I’m like Natalie Portman

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Melissa Leo drops an F bomb at the Oscars

What are the consequences if you swear in business? How to recover if you do.

Did you catch Melissa Leo’s F worded acceptance speech? It certainly stood out in the evening as the major etiquette blunder and only profanity that had to be bleeped out by the censors.

Profanity has its place in some movies… but at the Oscars?

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Special Guest Article on Handshake Etiquette

Business man in wheelchair

By Linda Fitzpatrick, The Disability Etiquette Training Company

In Western culture the handshake is the customary and respectful method of introduction, yet some professionals are wary about offering the handshake to certain people with disabilities.

The person who has a Parkinson’s tremor may seem too fragile. The wife who is in a wheelchair may seem to be in a secondary position behind her able-bodied husband. It may not seem entirely appropriate to offer her your hand.

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Grammys signal a return to the suited look for men of every musical taste.

There were a lot of suits in a lot of looks as the Grammy stars showed us how to wear a suit.

As an image consultant I love to watch the Grammys. Unlike the Oscars where the look is fairly tuxedoed, the Grammys give us a more eclectic look at men’s fashion trends. What really stood out was that suits were in evidence everywhere from country to hiphop and RnB.

Best dressed man

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To Text or Not to Text

Is texting bad for your pofessional image?

I was at a special event listening to a dynamic guest speaker when I found myself distracted. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone at the next table busily texting away. I was shocked to see who the rude person was… it was the president of the host organization.

Sneak a peek

After he had finished introducing the speaker, the second he sat down he started checking his blackberry and texting. He wasn’t just sneaking a quick peek, this was right out there near the front of the room and went on for the entire presentation. No kidding! What was he thinking etiquette wise?

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The good the bad and the ugly at the Golden Globe Awards

What the stars teach us about making classy introductions. Not

Award ceremonies like the Golden Globes are a great chance to see which celebrities are naughty and which are nice. We can gain a lot of etiquette, networking and class advice from them. Instead of showing us how to act, they show us what not to do.

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