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Our site was showing its age.

We needed a website makeover.

As corporate image consultants we are hyper aware of branding and professional presence. That’s why we decided to update and overhaul our web site. Our web site not only looked a little dated but our search engine optimization was dropping us on the google rankings. We were also concerned that it didn’t translate well to smaller screens and phones. A company’s and an individual’s online presence needs to match their brand.

When image consultants need a website makeover, who you going to call?

We called in the experts. We have lots of experience helping clients fine tune their personal and professional image. We needed some website design and digital marketing experts to help us revamp and fine-tune our online presence. We hired a Calgary based company called BoostMyBiz.

That’s where the BoostMyBiz team came in.

They simplified the website makeover process. They met with us to understand our needs, our company, our clients and our goals. They not only made us look good on the various online platforms but they also raised our google rankings.

They helped us so we can help more of you

Their slogan is “We work with you, Not for you” and they certainly do that. We didn’t want to have the day to day job of maintaining our site so they provide ongoing optimization, digital marketing, premium hosting, and analytics to keep us digitally on track. Now we can focus on what we do best, speaking, training and coaching. Thank you BoostMyBiz.

How is your online presence?

We have lots of tips and advice for your personal and professional presence and we even help with electronic etiquette. But if you could use a website makeover maybe you should contact the team at BoostMyBiz.

Posted by Terry Pithers – etiquette expert and recovering perfectionist

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