Are you getting enough praise?

We were invited to deliver a networking and business etiquette seminar to professionals of a large multi-national company. Terry and I interviewed a number of employees from upper management to the front lines to get a sense of what it was like to work there. These interviews help us to customize the seminar.Photo of delivery guy with flowers - Tips How to get more praise and aknowledgement at work

VP raved about “rising star”

During the interview with the VP of Operations, he raved about one employee in particular, a rising star, someone with great leadership potential. I had an opportunity to chat with the ‘rising star’ after the seminar.

Management not so good

One of her concerns was that she felt that management wasn’t very good at showing appreciation and acknowledgement. I shared with her how the VP had spoken so highly of her.

Totally unaware

I asked her if she was aware of how he felt about her performance. With tears welling up in her eyes, she said was totally unaware of how well she was regarded.

Paying acknowledgement forward

She thanked me for sharing this “news”. Then mentioned that there were a few on her team that she hadn’t acknowledged lately and she had some work to do in that regard. Just because she wasn’t hearing praise didn’t mean she shouldn’t pay it forward.

Our tip and advice

This reminded me how much we all want and need acknowledgment. If you aren’t hearing as much praise as you think you should, it’s time to hold up a mirror. Ask yourself, are you acknowledging those around you. We all get so busy that we sometimes forget or we think that the other person should know that we appreciate them (or love them).

(Me too, sometimes. BTW, thanks Terry, for doing such a good job editing our blog and newsletter.)

How have people acknowledged you and who do you need to acknowledge?

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  1. Teresa, its great to hear from you.! And thanks for sharing how you add value to the people in your work and personal life. It’s not always easy to keep in contact with people that live a great distance from you and sending personal cards are an effective and memorable way to do this.

  2. At work, I make a point of expressing apreciation and gratitude towards my co-workers for their contribution to a satisfying day wherever their interests direct them. At home, my husband and I practice courtesy toward each other which adds to our marriage wonderfully. A tool I love to use for expressing thankfulness toward business associates, family and friends is Send Out Cards because I can also send little or big gifts like cookies or toys. Joanne & Terry, Thankyou for keeping me top of mind through your e-mails and blog; I really enjoy it!

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