Top Five Summertime Image Tips For Men

By Terry Pithers | Dress & Image

Jun 19

To Keep Your Career from Getting Sunburnt

Previously, Joanne put together some summer time dress for success tips for women. So I thought I’d better put up some advice for men.

Sloppy R us

One of the main beefs we get from decision makers about men’s image mistakes is sloppiness (not paying attention to details like clothing fit, wrinkling, worn clothing and shoe polish).Men's dress for success tips and advice for the summer time


Sloppy on Steroids

During the summer months, especially in Canada and the USA, sloppiness goes into overdrive. So here is some advice from your favorite corporate image consultants to keep your summer dress on track for success.

Five Summertime Tips for the Guys

Tip 1. Iron it out
The more casual your clothing, the more important that it be clean and well pressed. Good quality golf shirts are a great option if the collars don’t roll. Remember an iron isn’t just for the fairway.

Tip 2. To tuck or not to tuck
Many shirts these days, especially those with a straight bottom are designed to be worn outside the trousers, but more than a few decision makers confide to us that they find this look sloppy.

Tip 3. Short time?
In almost all professional offices shorts are a big CLM (Career Limiting Move) except in Bermuda where they wear them with weird long socks. If you are in a situation where shorts are appropriate, as one of our professional engineering CEO puts it, they should be ‘Pebble Beach worthy’.

Tip 4. You-go cargo pants
Cargo pants, either they go or you go. Too many pockets and bulk for the office. Khakis, chinos or casual flat fronted pants (and we’re seeing a lot of colorful pants for guys this year) are a better choice and then you won’t be tempted to pack an entire survival kit in your pockets. And have you ever tried to iron cargo pants?

Tip 5. Aloha dude, that shirt’s loud
Loud Hawaiian or wide-striped shirts just aren’t business class. You can’t throw a sports jacket on over them for that unexpected meeting (well okay, technically you can but, as your image consultants, we’re telling you, you shouldn’t). Plain colors or smaller patterns are your best move.

Bonus dress for success tip
Use our advice to enjoy the summer without undermining the power of your image.  And keep in mind one of our best dress for success tips for enhancing your career – no matter the season always dress at the same level as the top 25% of your colleagues and peers.

Free Tip sheet – Top 10 SUMMER WEAR DOs and DON’Ts pdf

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