Are You a Jet Setter or a Jet Schlepper?

Back in the Stone Age there used to be a time when people actually got dressed up to travel by plane.  I remember being upgraded to first class more than once because I had a tendency to dress up when traveling.

You’re too poorly put together to fly

I was recently asked by the media to comment on an airline grounding a passenger because of her sloppy and revealing travel dress (see Mindful Clothing Choices While Traveling by Lauren La Rose, The Canadian Press)

The airline fashion police?

Do airlines have the right to police their customers’ dress? Not unless it’s a safety issue. (But a travel dress code might be a good idea.) As travelers maybe it’s time for a few image consultant tips and advice so you don’t get left on the tarmac.

Jet set vs. jet schlep

Dress for success air travel tip - not like this.

Nowadays Jet Set has morphed into Jet Schlep… in part because plane travel has become more of an ordeal with having to arrive hours in advance to catch flights. People want to be more comfortable and tend to be more casual in their attire. But for some the interpretation of casual is schleppy, baggy, ill put together clothing.  Casual does not need to be sloppy,

4 tips & advice to dress it up when flying:

  • Business or business casual dress can mean a greater chance you’ll be treated better by airline personnel and possibly less hassles in security.
  • For some reason you always run into people you know (clients and colleagues) so you don’t want to have to apologize for looking schleppy.
  • How many times have you run into a potential client (or even a potential relationship) so… see tip above.
  • Bring a jacket or second layer. You’ll not only look more professional in the airport and walking down the aisle, you’ll be more comfortable. The air on planes is either too cold or too hot, – wear layers that you can put on and remove easily. (Pashminas are great as they can double up as cleavage cover-ups and a blanket.)

Travel dress for success

Your destination, your position and the people that will be meeting you should be an important consideration.  That’s part of our Complete Professional seminar advice called “situational dressing”.  I remember having to pick up a guest speaker for an event we were hosting and the speaker got off the plane up in sweats.  No big deal except… her luggage didn’t arrive with her. We had to scramble to pull together an appropriate presentation wardrobe for her.

Your brand is you

Be aware of your personal brand, so you don’t have to apologize for your clothing. If travelling for business, wear appropriate business or business casual attire.
Even if I’m on vacation and my destination is a beach resort, my advice is to opt for dressy casual rather than beach wear on the plane. Your personal image is part of your professional brand. Ditch the jet schlep. Tip the scales in your favor and jet set your career.

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Posted by Joanne Blake – Canadian Corporate Image Consultant and non jet schlepper

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