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Jul 22

No. 1 Summer Read – The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series

By Joanne Blake | Books , Etiquette & Manners , Movies & TV

Good Books – Feel Good Summer Reading

Want a good conversation starter?

Ask someone what they’re reading.

Joanne and Terry both give a big 4 thumbs up

Here’s what I’m reading.  A kinder, gentler, good manners detective series. That’s how you could describe the Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency books. Terry and I both love these books.

No guns, no car chases

Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon

More like a collection of short stories that take you into the special world of Botswana and Mma Precious Ramotswe, a “traditionally built” female detective. No guns, no car chases, just engaging cases built around human foibles, personal problems and mysteries of the heart.Continue reading

Apr 11

Kindness and Volunteering Work Miracles

By Terry Pithers | Etiquette & Manners , Movies & TV , Networking

If You’ve Ever Wondered How Can You Make a Difference?

The Nicholas Winton Story

An attitude adjustment

Joanne and I are fairly upbeat but like most people we have our ups and downs, especially after a long Edmonton winter. Every now and then something comes along that reminds us how lucky we are and how each of us can and do make a difference in people’s lives.Continue reading

Mar 20

Ethics, House of Cards and Golf

By Terry Pithers | Dress & Image , Etiquette & Manners , Movies & TV

House of Cards Shows Us What NOT to Do in Business and Golf

House of Cards Addicts

Joanne and I are addicted to the House of Cards series. Ethics or lack of ethics is the main driver of this highly acclaimed Netflix political thriller. There is a sort of guilty pleasure watching senator and powerbroker, Frank Underwood (played devilishly well by Kevin Spacey), uses any dirty trick in the book to further his political ambitions.

Warning – House of Cards is highly addictive & shows you how to not act in business

Continue reading

Jan 14

Our Top Ten Documentaries for 2013 – Part One

By Terry Pithers | Movies & TV

Terry and Joanne’s top picks

for best documentary films we watched this year

(first of a two-part blog)

You know how much we love movies

This year some of our favorite films were documentaries. True human stories that inspired, connected and made us think.

Style for Success - Terry and Joanne's top movie film picks


Our top 10 choices of those we’ve seen this year.

These are 10 documentary films we would highly recommend watching. (Many of them are available on Netflix and they’re fairly recent, although not necessarily made in 2013). We have included links to the trailers. They all have our 4 thumbs way up.Continue reading