Grammys signal a return to the suited look for men of every musical taste.

There were a lot of suits in a lot of looks as the Grammy stars showed us how to wear a suit.

As an image consultant I love to watch the Grammys. Unlike the Oscars where the look is fairly tuxedoed, the Grammys give us a more eclectic look at men’s fashion trends. What really stood out was that suits were in evidence everywhere from country to hiphop and RnB.

Best dressed man

Neil Patrick Harris had one of the best put together looks of the night, in a very well fitting suit (follows our advice on proper sleeve length, well fitting not too tight, not too loose) with a white shirt casual-ized with an open collar.

Dress for Success Tip

This is a very classy suited look that would stretch from the boardroom to a more casual business event. Perfect for young business men wanting to appear professional but still trendy.

An excellent look for startup entrepreneurs in IT or creative fields desiring business respect or loans from mainstream business. This shows you how to signal youth, creativity and professionalism with an understanding of how to dress for success.

Tone on tone looks good too

There was a lot of tone on tone coloring with the suits this year.

What we mean by that is stars such as LL Cool added a tie to the suit but in such as way that the tie didn’t jump out at you. The tie was in the same shade or same tone as the shirt ( thus it’s called tone on tone and slightly more casual and trendy).

Style For Success tip

Our advice is a word of caution to big guys wearing suits. For business wear, black suits are not the best choice because black suiting signals tuxedos or undertakers and can be overpowering to customers and clients on a large guy. Better choice for a dark color is navy or dark gray like LL Cool is wearing.

Up tight – fitting advice for suits

As soon as you see horizontal lines on a garment it indicates the garment is tight or pulling. It shouldn’t be pulling anywhere, on your torso or your biceps. A great looking suit should have a little bit of ease.

Look to see the suit more in evidence this year, coming back as the staple of the well dressed, sharp looking man.

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