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Etiquette To Wow Customers

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Etiquette To Wow Customers

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Dining For Fun AND Profit

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Dining for Fun AND Profit

An investment that will continue to pay dividends for you and your team.

This presentation makes a productive breakfast, lunch or dinner session.

When Terry shows you how to be savvy not stuffy, conference dining has never been so fun and informative.

Call 780-472-0767 to book your dining training today and give your team a real business advantage.

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Dining For Fun AND Profit

How to build more business over a meal

Have you ever felt unsure of yourself in business dining situations? The client orders a drink, should I? How should I seat our team for effectiveness? Which dining style is best for business, American or Continental? When and how should I get down to business? What sort of conversation develops the relationship?

Relax, this easy to swallow training makes your business dining engaging, polished and productive.

Most business socializing and business development
takes place over a meal.

man showing table manners and dining etiquette training

Your team's dining skills and what
they don’t know, impacts your bottom line.

Give them the knowledge, confidence and savvy to build better, more profitable client relationships.

Client Testimonials:

“This training was amazing! I would recommend the session to one and all.  Please offer it again so all my friends and colleagues can come too now that I have talked about it so much.”

Business Professional - U of Alberta Alumni Association

Business Development Content:

  • Host strategies – that build rapport
  • The 7 most common table mistakes that cost you business
  • Business vs. social dining – tactics mom never taught you
  • Alcohol considerations, toasting and conversation
  • Classy ways to end the meal, follow-up and gain referrals

And it’s fun and profitable

“Your Dining for Success presentation livened up our dinner and was an entertaining hit with our retreat attendees.  I would highly recommend it to any professional group looking for a fun and informative conference lunch or dinner presentation.”

Edmonton Law Office Management Association & Calgary Association of Legal Administrators

Customized to meet your needs

Breakfast, lunch or dinner – In-house or restaurant venue of your choice.
Leverage the presentation - Invite clients and spouses/partners to attend and network.
R.O.I. - Your team will apply these skills each time they dine throughout their lives.
Executive training– inquire about our one on one coaching.

Presented by Terry Pithers, The Business Etiquette Expert, co-author of Executive Etiquette Power and creator of Dining for Success video training, rated #1 by the Wall Street Journal and used by business and MBA schools. Injecting fun and laughter into the learning experience, Terry has helped audiences from corporate to construction to be more successful in their business interactions.

Terry doing lunch with 300 conference attendees.
Terry presenting dining to a Calgary conference audience

Click here for printable PDF brochure

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