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This presentation makes an entertaining conference breakfast, lunch or dinner presentation.

To liven it up even more - Terry can present it to your audience in his cowboy persona "Slim" Pithers.

When Slim shows you how to be savvy not stuffy, conference dining has never been so fun and informative.

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Dining for Business Success

Business dining builds stronger client relationships.

With more than a third of all business deals and hiring decisions made over a meal, the protocol and etiquette of business dining has a definite impact on business and the bottom line.

Effective business dining is so much more than good table manners.
This session is geared the business professional. Providing the skills and savvy to ensure your business dining is as polished and productive as it needs to be.

Seminar Content:

  • Confident host protocol – from invitation to the tip and bill.
  • When and how you should get down to business.
  • Strategically seat yourself and clients/guests.
  • Tactical food choices and ordering
  • Classy ways to deal with a faux pas or mistakes
  • Tablemanners that make you look savvy not stuffy
  • Alcohol considerations and toasting
  • Conversation and follow-up
  • Managing the bill, tipping and service issues

What others said about this training.

Your Dining for Success presentation livened up our dinner and was an entertaining hit with our retreat attendees.  I would highly recommend it to any professional group looking for a fun and informative conference lunch or dinner presentation.
Edmonton Law Office Management Asociation and Calgary Association of Legal Administrators
Eloma and CALA Joint Retreat Organizers

Terry doing lunch with 300 conference attendees.
Terry doing lunch with 300 dining companions

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