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This presentation makes an engaging conference presentation.

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Style With Your Substance

Achieving Brand Congruence With Your Employees' Dress

Imagine your workforce looking their best, feeling good about themselves and actively promoting the professional image and brand of your organization.

The first impression your people create can either enhance or diminish your credibility. This program will help them gain an understanding of the power of image in meeting clients' expectations, build a consistent corporate brand and use their personal image in an effective business manner. 

It will offer practical tools to gauge their image impact and enable them to appear at their best. Plenty of eye opening information and visuals! 

This empowering seminar will provide your team with logical easy to understand image advice to help them look better in both their personal and professional life. They will represent themselves and your brand in a more credible manner.

Seminar Content:

  • Maximize the first impression
  • 10 decisions others make based on image
  • Understanding your customers expectations
  • Tools to gauge appropriate dress
  • Avoiding the 7 image breakers
  • How to Dress appropriately for the situation
  • Clothing that makes you & clients more confident
  • Fine tuning your style and image

What other people said about this training.

The event with Joanne Blake from Style for Success was a huge success! ELOMA was very fortunate to have her as our guest speaker for 2010 and provide us and our support staff with tips to polish our image and how to make the first impressions count! I believe everyone learned something new about themselves and what professional presence each and everyone of us bring to the office each day! Joanne brought true grace and tactful ways of sharing fashion faux pas from one extreme to the next.
Program Manager, ELOMA  Edmonton Law Office Managers Association

This program will be customized for your team or conference.
Contact us today so your people look as good as your organization.

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