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Executive Image Power Book

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20 Experts share their secrets
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Executive Image Power Book

Discover the insider secrets, tips and advice from North America’s top executive image experts.
Over 200 pages!

Executive Image Power is the key ingredient to building professional confidence, making a great impression and advancing your career with every meeting.

Your professional image and brand is so much more than getting a regular haircut, carrying a stylish briefcase and making sure your clothes are pressed.

Your executive image is the message you send out to your clients, potential clients and colleagues every time you walk in a room, attend a meeting or talk on the phone.

And of course, you want your professional image to be the absolute best it can be.

With this book, you can quickly rev up your executive image power, as top experts in each of our respective specialties, we’ve joined together to give you the most powerful image tips, advice and how to strategies we know.

Executive Image Power Book - Canadian Corporate Image Consultants

This book has hundreds of great ideas and insights and is a “must read” for every career minded professional.
- Jill Lublin, author of Get Noticed-Get Referrals and Guerrilla Publicity

20 Experts Share Their Top Tips in over 200 pages

Download as an eBook now for only $9.95

20 Chapter Topics:

  • Sprinting to the Executive Suite
  • Capsule Dressing for Men and Women
  • Networking Savvy from the Inside Out
  • Dining for Business Success
  • Navigating the Corporate Cocktail Party
  • Tech Etiquette
  • China - How to Succeed in the Gold Rush
  • Civility a Solid Foundation for Your Image
  • Understanding Image
  • Cultivating Your Own Personal Brand
  • Color’s Importance for You
  • Executive Style
  • Business Casual - Dressing Down With Style
  • Choosing What’s Right for Your Body Type
  • Head-To-Toe - Details Matter
  • How to Make Your Wardrobe Well
  • The Nine Tenets of Body Language
  • Dressing Well from a Carry-On
  • Give a Great Presentation
  • Looking Your Best for TV or Video Conferencing

Gain the image advantage for your career success

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eBook Price: Only $9.95

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