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Edmonton public seminar connect with ease in social or business situations

Savvy Networking

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Credible Business Casual

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This presentation makes an engaging conference presentation.

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Credible Business Casual

Your people can dress casually and still make your organization look good.

Not everyone wears a suit or tie to work. Many industries have casual dress throughout the week. Since casual wear offers more choices it also offers more chances to become a fashion victim.

Your people can look sharp, professional and casual

It just takes a little knowledge and help. That's where we come in.

Looking good in casual wear takes some help and guidance. People need and appreciate the knowledge and skills to look professional and credible no matter what they wear for work. This seminar empowers them to make a positive impression even when casually dressed. 

This training is looked on as more than professional development because the skills acquired help people to look better and feel better about themselves at work and in their lives.

What others said about this training.

Style for Success greatly simplified the process for us by assisting us in developing workable office dress and business casual guidelines, and delivering customized seminars to smooth their implementation.
EPCOR, Employee and Organization Effectiveness Manager

This program will be customized for your team or conference.
Contact us today to start looking more credible to your customers.

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