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Strengthen your workforce and your brand. Call us today.

The Corporate Team Makeover™ with its time effective 30 minute individual coaching component, not only deals with individual concerns without jeopardizing work relationships, but is perceived as a value-added perk by employees.

We can advise and consult with your management team to quantify your brand vision to ensure the results you desire.

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  • Metro Toronto Conference Centre
Corporate Team Makeover

Brand Congruence Through Your People

You've heard or seen the dramatic results of image makeovers. What would it do for your organization and your brand if your entire team had a makeover?

Imagine your organization's ambassadors looking their best, feeling good about themselves and actively promoting the professional image and brand of your organization.

What would this do for productivity, employee retention, client loyalty and profits?

We have combined and streamlined the best features of our one-on-one image coaching and our group seminars to create The Corporate Team Makeover™.
Many organizations envision a congruent level of professionalism in performance, attitude and dress - but few achieve it.

This program eliminates the most difficult to address barrier to organizational branding; individual image/dress issues. Relying on corporate dress codes or commonsense produces uneven results, because each member of your team has different physiology, style characteristics and fashion sense. Not only do employees require an understanding of your corporate brand but also the individual coaching to embrace and project it.

Dramatic long-term results are achieved in less than two days (depending on numbers of participants).

Seminar Content
Phase One (group session) is designed to build peer support, buy-in and provide a framework with concepts and knowledge to help the participants understand the organization's brand, client perceptions and business dress concepts to maximize the first impression and communicate success.

Phase Two (individual 30 minute private coaching sessions plus 30 minute make-up lessons as required) is focused on the personal application of these principles. Professional and personal tips to look their best, save time, save money and meet the company standards

Participants will receive a professional image workbook and a personalized wardrobe gameplan. While fashions change, the principles and information they receive on color, fabric, style, proportion and professional image will remain constant.

What participants said:

I would recommend The Corporate Team Makeover to any individual who wants to be the best they can be. It encouraged me to rethink my image and presentation and see my physical presence in a different light. I have a new attitude toward how I dress, shop, and feel. Many of my colleagues who participated in the program have expressed similar sentiments.
VP Marketing & Business Development
Canadian Urban Limited

This program will be customized for your team.
Contact us today to help your people look as good as your brand.


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