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Etiquette & Protocol

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Dining For Fun AND Profit

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Etiquette & Protocol TBA

Etiquette Power

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Please contact us for next public seminar date, to be placed on waiting list or inquire about this program in-house, customized for your team.

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Etiquette Power

Project Confidence, Charisma and Class!

All successful business is about relationships. Your bearing, manners and behavior in any business situation largely determine your success or failure.

Business etiquette is more complex in today’s fast paced, high tech world. It takes ten times the effort and expense to acquire a new client than it does to maintain an existing one.

This engaging seminar will provide you with etiquette knowledge and skills so you can feel confident and build stronger business relationships with clients and colleagues.   

Seminar Content:

  • Master face-to-face communications
  • 3 keys to get business off to a great start
  • Finessing internal relationships
  • Effective faux pas recovery techniques
  • Improving each point of client contact
  • The proper protocol of introductions and business cards
  • Crafting a powerful self-introduction
  • Leaders' ways to acknowledge others
  • Effective ways to build trust
  • Electronic etiquette to make you standout
  • Maximize your hosting skills

Who Will Benefit:
Anyone who wants to build credibility and make a great impression with employers, clients and colleagues.

Here's what other people
said about the seminar:

I would highly recommend your program to any organization. We have already seen positive changes in the way our staff are presenting themselves and how they are approaching their business relationships.
Regional Vice-President, Western Canada, Clarica

Seminar co-facilitated by Joanne Blake and Terry Pithers

This program can be offered in-house
customized for your team.

Contact us for details

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