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Etiquette To Wow Customers

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This presentation makes an engaging conference presentation.

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Etiquette To Wow Customers

Build Stronger Client and Colleague Relationships

All successful business is about relationships.

It takes ten times the effort and expense to acquire a new client than it does to maintain an existing one.

How are you and your organization at building and maintaining those relationships?

Would you like your team to project confidence, credibility and respect to build trust with your customers?

The customer experience and relationship is based on all your points of contact, electronic and personal interactions. A good grounding in business etiquette enables your employees to make customers and co-workers feel valued and respected.

This hands-on business protocol program is designed to provide the skills to build rapport and stronger internal and external relationships.

After this program the participants will be able to:

  • Master face-to-face communications
  • Get business off to a great start
  • Finesse internal relationships
  • Effectively recover from mistakes
  • establish rapport with body language
  • Improve each point of client contact
  • Introduce themselves & others more effectively
  • Respect and acknowledge team members
  • Build trust with customers
  • Standout positively on the phone and e-mails
  • Make customers feel like valued guests

Here's what other employers
said about the training:

I would highly recommend your program to any organization. We have already seen positive changes in the way our staff are presenting themselves and how they are approaching their business relationships.
Regional Vice-President, Western Canada, Clarica

Thank you for the excellent workshops conducted for the staff of Ready Engineering. I believe that if all engineers practiced the principles taught by Style for Success, it would do our profession a world of good – they would be more valuable to their employers and rewarded through greater remuneration.
President, Ready Engineering


This program will be customized for your team or conference.
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