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Image & Dress

Corporate Team Makeover

Personal coaching so your brand & team looks great.

Corporate Team Makeover

Refresh Your Success

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Members of the press turn to Joanne and Terry because:

They are Canada's most respected speaking team on business etiquette, dress and image.
They bring practical, refreshing new ideas for boosting the success of their readers.
They are articulate, opinionated, humorous and engaging!

Topics they are interviewed on include:

Image & Dress - personal branding, casual wear, business/fashion trends, politicians/celebrities
Etiquette & protocol - electronic etiquette, job interview, meetings, gender issues
Networking - office party, mixing mingling, art of conversation, shyness
Dining - business lunch, faux-pas, dining with the boss, lack of manners, rudeness


In the media and interested in interviewing Joanne Blake or Terry Pithers?

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