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How to Look Great While Traveling


Picture this - you've got to pack to attend your annual professional conference. Feeling a few butterflies in your tummy? Guess what? Everyone who is attending is ... an image consultant. Now are you starting to panic?


I just returned from a week in Irvine, Calif. attending my AICI, Association of Image Consultants International conference. Packing for this type of event can be more than just a tad intimidating.


Practice What I Preach, Moi?

Fortunately I try to practice what I preach in my wardrobe seminars and had just the right outfit for every occasion from sightseeing to the Hollywood style gala event where we had a chance to dance with the stars. (Click here to see Joanne and the consultants taking dancing lessons at the gala)  


Looking great while living out of a suitcase is definitely not easy. You will find that your clothing tends to wrinkle and it is usually impossible to pack enough outfits to wear without hiring Sherpas or having to find a laundromat. For women especially, what to pack to look good while traveling is a huge dilemma. (Terry has included a few tips just for the guys.)


Follow these tips and you won’t have to lug three suitcases with you. Looking great while on the road does not have to be difficult at all.


Consider Your Itinerary

A little bit of advance planning will make deciding what to pack easier.  Consider the activities you will be engaged in every day and list the clothing items you will require next to the activities.  Don’t forget to include your accessories because they will help to transform the look of your basic outfits so you don’t need to take as much with you. 


Fabric Considerations

If travelling for business linen is one of the worst fabrics to pack as it wrinkles rapidly. (Keep linen for beach resorts.)  Look for clothing that is either supposed to be wrinkled (think crinkle fabric) or which is wrinkle-resistant (knitwear, microfibers or poly-blends).

Click here to see Joanne wearing some crinkle fabric sightseeing in beautiful gardens in Corona del Mar.

Cross Dressing Packing

A good way to pack your clothing is to roll it, rather than fold it. This eliminates lines and helps keep clothes nice and smooth. If you roll the more delicate items with a thin towel or place tissue paper in them, it will help smooth them out even more.


Terry wore his sport coat on the plane, lightly folding it inside out in the overhead bin to save staining or wrinkling it. When traveling with a spouse or partner we recommend mixing clothing in each other's suitcases in case one case doesn't arrive. You might get some funny looks at customs but you'll both still have something to wear.


Choose a Color Palette

Pick two main colors that go together for your wardrobe, plus an accent color. At least one of your two main colors should be a neutral: black, brown, tan, or navy. While white is a great neutral, especially for summer, it may not be the best choice for travel because it gets dirty so quickly.


All of your core pieces of clothing (jackets and bottoms) should be in one of the two main colors. Smaller items like ties, scarves and belts can be brighter accent colors. This means that all of the clothing in your suitcase can be mixed and matched to look great together.


Terry's blue unlined sport coat (great for business meetings and worked with jeans in the cooler evenings) was coupled with a pair of gray and a pair of tan flat-fronted dress pants.


Pack Lots of Accessories

Earrings, necklaces and belts take up very little room, yet can change your look in just seconds. A pair of hoop earrings will add flair to a basic top for daytime. While a pair of dangly earrings and necklace can turn that same top into the perfect evening wear. Bring a couple of different belts and scarves as well, since these can dramatically change how an outfit looks on you.


Terry relied on his shirts with or without his ties to change up his outfits. In casual California, he found his button-down collared shirts looked great with his jacket and tie and just as good with his jeans and no tie.


Stick to Three Pairs of Shoes - If You Can

A casual pair of shoes, such as loafers that are very comfortable for walking is a good idea if you plan to go sightseeing. Dress shoes with some glitter are ideal for a dinner out. (Terry doesn’t go for glitter on his shoes, but his dressy cordovan flat toed lace ups looked great for business and dinner out.)


If you are near the beach or plan to enjoy some warm weather, sandals can look nice and still let your feet breathe. Don’t forget to schedule a pedicure in advance.  (Terry says - I forgot to get my pedicure, so I brought some running shoes and Joanne snuck in her comfy-casual Crocs. The Hyatt in Irvine had bicycles and a great bike path that ran down to Huntington Beach. Click here to see an image consultant on the trail with her bike)


There really should be no need for more pairs of shoes and if you go with neutral colors, the three pairs that you bring will match anything in your travel wardrobe. And if you find, you’re short a pair, you can always make time to shop for new shoes. (Or clothes, yes we did find time to shop as well. Guess who found a new outfit for the gala.)


Plan on having fun
Plan your travel wardrobe out ahead of time. Be sure to try on everything before you pack it and be sure to only include clothes that fit great and that you find comfortable. Looking great is far easier when you are comfortable with yourself and your clothes. Follow these tips before your next trip and you will be sure to look stunning wherever you find yourself.


Joanne Blake



For assistance on how to build an effective wardrobe suited to your career, lifestyle and travel needs, consider attending the Brand New You workshop. Click here for information on the 'Brand' New You workshop.

Business Etiquette, Dress & Dining

Better watch out -

it's National Business Etiquette Week



I heard the 1st week of June is National Business Etiquette Week. Too bad it's not all year round. Is it my imagination or are people becoming more rude especially in shops and businesses?


- Insulted in Seattle



Yes, this is a national business etiquette week and yes, it does seem that people are getting more rude.

As an example, previously in our newsletter Joanne and I wrote in glowing terms about the staff and how we were treated at the IHOP (International House of Pancakes for those who are not aficionados) near the Tampa airport when we were there for conference this time last year.


I am now an IHOP junkie (I love pancakes) but this year I'm sad to report that my IHOP experience at the one near the John Wayne Airport in California was dismal. The restaurant seemed old and tired and so was the service. If this had been my first experience of  IHOP I would never have gone back.


That's why it's important that each of us make an extra effort to be more civil to each other and lead by example. How we as individuals treat our clients and customers really does have an effect on how they view our organizations.


Let's take this week to really think about how we treat each other, not just our customers but our colleagues and families too. What we as individuals do, makes a difference in the world.


- Terry



Dining Etiquette

An overlooked part of business etiquette and your professional image is how you hold your knife and fork.

We offer video training as a simple solution, online training for individuals and DVD version for companies.


Here's what organizations using the program are saying:


“The Dining for Success DVD is valuable tool for our organization and an important resource that forms part of our training library.  The feedback from attendees has been excellent, with staff and management feeling that they picked up some great tips and tricks.  Staff appreciate the DVD as it is brief, but very applicable and relevant. “


Mary Mattern, VP Human Resources, Peace Hills Insurance


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Terry & Joanne's Staff Picks -



Terry is enjoying reading Riding with Rilke by Ted Bishop, a great combination of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, literary allusions, travel and the heart.


Joanne is re-reading Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, an excellent reminder lower stress to really live each day. She says Terry needs to read this.



Two films we both enjoyed were -


Last Chance Harvey - a romantic comedy for those of us of a certain age starring Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman.


Dan in Real Life - an other romantic comedy, exploring family dynamics and love, starring Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche.


Please share with us, books or movies you've enjoyed.



Speaking of books -

Joanne's new book is here!


Executive Image Power Book Cover - Dress and Etiquette Advice to Succeed


Executive Image Power


Executive Image Power is the key ingredient to building confidence, making a great impression and getting what you want every time.


More savvy and sophistication are yours with the insider insights of top corporate image experts. With Executive Image Power you can be your best everyday.


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Not to be outdone -

Terry has a book due out in September.


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