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-Recession Proof Image


Dear Joanne & Terry Q & A:


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Recession Proofing Your Image



The recession is not you. You can decide not to allow your career to take part in the recession.


The current economic climate with its rise in job transitioning and business restructuring can be a golden opportunity to advance your career. Use this period proactively to focus on training and improving your success skills especially your image.


Rebrand Your Image

Whether you are a new or transitioning professional, your image matters. In today’s business environment, judgments are made in the blink of an eye. Follow these five tips to avoid common business image mistakes and ensure your effectiveness and career upward mobility.


(Most of these tips are geared to women, but men can gain some points if they share this article with the women in their life.)


The Invisible Woman

You may want to be a dynamic executive, however, if you find the boardroom keeping you out, the first question to ask is: are you wearing your personal power colors that demand attention.


Color is a powerful business tool that you do not want to overlook as you build your executive image. The fashion colors this season may or may not be your friends. Get your colors professionally done to ensure every bright, neutral or pastel color you put on is sending the message you want it to send.


You will find that when you wear the colors that are best for you, you will get more attention, be taken more seriously and perhaps best of all, you will feel more confident.


Inappropriate ... Moi?

If you are wearing super low-rise pants and your underwear is peeking out of the back, what message is that sending?


Other inappropriate dressing may include a too short skirt. Even if it is the trend, it is not appropriate in an office environment and some people will not take you seriously.


No matter how proud you are of your chest, showing more than a hint of cleavage will work against you in a coed work environment.


Even in warmer climates open-toed shoes should be saved for the weekend, and opt for pants if you really cannot stand wearing hosiery. Bare legs and arms send a casual message that may not serve your career goals.


On Casual Friday do not get too casual – skip the T-shirt and tattered jeans. If you are in a position of authority or if you want to be remembered, always wear a third piece: a jacket or a sweater or even a colored shawl should be worn over your blouse or dress. This is your authority piece and an important part of your wardrobe.


Falling Head First into the Fashion Trends

Do you find that you gravitate to the ‘have-to-haves’ of the season? This may be a challenge as time goes on because you will continually have to update your wardrobe. By choosing timeless pieces, you can bring in a new piece to mix-and-match with your current wardrobe without breaking the bank every season.


If you really want to be fashion forward from 9-5, consider wearing only one or two trend pieces at a time. This way you will still look current and hip without looking like you care more about fashion than looking professional.


Less is More

At work, your accessories should complete and complement your outfit, not be attention grabbers themselves. Still, do not be afraid to wear one statement jewelry piece or bold accessory – just not several at the same time.


A great handbag or briefcase can polish your outfit to perfection. However, four necklaces, six bracelets and a big buckle belt will be a bit much for any outfit, and will send the wrong message at the office.


This also applies to your makeup – wear makeup, but don’t overdo it. Your makeup is also an accessory – it should be fresh and should polish your look. Keep the adventurous accessories and dramatic makeup for your evening activities.


A Dated “Do”

Nothing says, “I am not on the cutting edge of my profession” quicker than an out-dated hairdo. Keep your hairstyle current. If you are sporting a similar version of your high school photo, it is definitely time to update that look.


Consult your hairstylist or an image consultant to find out the best possible looks for your face shape and skin tone. Try flipping through different magazines and find a style that you like. An updated hairdo or color can give you a whole new level of confidence.


Small Adjustments = Big Rewards

Select one or two of the tips above to focus on over the next two weeks and make the necessary adjustments to your executive image. This benefits not only you but also your organization. You will see results and garner the respect and attention you deserve and will position yourself to advance in what some people think is a recession. As a bonus you will look great and feel better about yourself. Make 2009 your year to shine.


Joanne Blake




Need some one-on-one professional help to update and makeover your image/brand for success? Joanne is offering women the opportunity to take part in small group (no more than 10 participants) image makeover workshops at West Edmonton Mall.

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Q&A - Business Etiquette, Dress & Dining Advice

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Dining Question:


Q:  Does President Obama use the American Style of Eating?


It is refreshing to see a president who has such a well put together and elegant image that we Americans, can be proud of. I am curious, do you know if President Obama uses the Continental or the American style of eating?


- Vera Kurioss in Missouri




If only our Canadian politicians garnered the same interest from our readers as President Obama does. Mr. Obama has a well put together image so I would be surprised if his dining skills were any less polished.


His recent visit to Canada was so quick that I don't know if he even had a chance to grab a bite to eat, (not even at Tim Horton's) at least none that was photographed.


Searching campaign photos on the internet revealed he seems to favor the continental style. Click here to see Mr. Obama enjoying waffles. (A little hunched over perhaps but you don't want to get syrup on your tie or nice white shirt.)


His choice of dining style doesn't surprise me. From our dining etiquette presentations many left-handed people tell me that they prefer the continental style not just because it looks more sophisticated but because it is easier for them. President Obama, as a left-handed person, seems to follow this trend.


Thank goodness most of us don't have to eat under this sort of scrutiny. Click here to see what a casual campaign breakfast looked like. 100 million viewers and you feel nervous eating in front of a few people.


- Terry

P.S. If you want to be sure your dining skills look as good as your clothes or you're unsure which style of eating you use, find out in our Dining For Success video training program.

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Quotable Quotes:


An Embarrassing Typo - Ours, gulp...

Terry says Mea Culpa

Thanks to the alert readers who pointed out a slightly embarrassing typo in our last newsletter.


Apparently we were offering pubic seminars, which has a whole different connotation than public seminars. So this month I'm going to be extra careful with my editing, especially wards that spell-check won't pike up.


Speaking of word gaffes, English is not the easiest language to learn or translate. A fun book that I just finished reading is

Still Lost in Translation - More Misadventures in English Abroad by Charlie Croker, full of mangled english seen in signs and adverts.

I've included a few quotes from the book below.


My favorites are from english speaking countries, not just the foreign signs in english.


Residents refuse to be placed in chutes.

(from an apartment block tower in Birmingham)


Do not push yourself out of the window!

(sign on a French train)


West Coast Prostrate Awareness Society

(sign in British Columbia)


Beware of Your Luggage!

(sign in New Delhi Hotel)


Will any guest wishing to take a bath please make arrangements to have one with Mrs. Harvey.

(sign in a small hotel in Cornwall, UK)


Joanne is reading more serious books. She usually has 4 or 5 on the go. She just finished The Age of Miracles by Marianne Williamson (about putting energy into what matters in your life) and is now reading Do I Look Fat in This? - Get Over Your Body and on with Your Life by Rhonda Britten (about loving the shape you are and focusing on being strong and healthy).


Let us know any good books you are reading.



Joanne is co-authoring a new book!


Executive Image Power

Executive Image Power is the key ingredient to building confidence, making a great impression and getting what you want every time. More savvy and sophistication are yours with the insider insights of top corporate image experts. With Executive Image Power you can be your best everyday.


Coming in April, 2009



Public Seminars for Women in Edmonton

‘Brand’ New You 

Two Day Image Makeover Workshops for Women

May and June 2009 at West Edmonton Mall Conference Center


  • Want to ‘dress for success’ without looking boring?
  • Too busy to follow fashion trends yet want to look current?
  • Ready for a dynamic "new" you

Invest in yourself to look as vibrant as you feel!

Join image expert Joanne Blake for a transformational 2 day workshop.


Limited to 10 participants so you receive expert personal advice and tools to transform your personal image in a safe, supportive environment.


This fun and affordable 2 day workshop combines Joanne’s exclusive individual consulting with the best of her popular image seminars to give you a Brand New You.  Joanne’s knowledge and warmth enables her to tell you what your best  friends won’t.


You will be asking yourself - why didn’t I do this sooner!



Fantasyland Hotel Conference Centre, West Edmonton Mall



May Workshop

Sat. May 23rd & Sun. May 24th

9:00 to 4:00 pm both days


June Workshop

Fri. June 19th & Sat. June 20th

9:00 to 4:00 pm both days



$975 +gst Two Day Workshop

Early bird:  $750


Click here for more info and to register for either workshop.


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Terry and Joanne together are co-facilitating

Public Seminars in Edmonton and Calgary


100% of recent attendees said they would recommend these sessions to others.


Protocol For Building Business Relationships

Edmonton, Alberta, Friday, April 24, 2009 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Calgary on Thursday, June 11, 2009


For any professional the ability to communicate and network effectively can boost your profile and engender better business alliances and connections for mutual benefit. This session will enhance both your personal and professional life by providing you with some simple strategies to quickly build rapport with others, overcome shyness, start small talk and take it to BIG talk, and enter and exit conversations with finesse.

Included in this seminar is a module that will help you gain an understanding of the power of image in meeting other’s expectations, build a consistent corporate brand and use your personal image in an effective business manner. It will offer practical tools to gauge your image impact and enable you to appear professional even in your casual wear.

Plenty of scenario demonstrations to ensure you will gain skills, confidence and feel more comfortable networking both internally and externally and thereby increase your sphere of influence.


Fee:$650 CAD

Early Bird - Register for the Edmonton session before March 24th and receive the Dining For Success Online Training Free


Session will be repeated

in Calgary on Thursday, June 11, 2009


Click here for more info and to register for either seminar.

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