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H1N1 Party Etiquette


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A Herd of Goats

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Fist Bumps, Air Kisses and Left-hand Eating


Remember the good old days, when the only things you had to worry about at the holiday party were being bored to tears or getting drunk and making a fool of yourself. No lasting damage, unless it was an office party where getting out of control might cause a career malfunction.


Etiquette Consultants to the Rescue

Now thanks to sensibilities around H1N1 even social holiday parties are a bit of a manners minefield. At our recent networking sessions for CMAs this was a frequent question.


So we've put together a few tips and strategies on the nouveau health conscious etiquette.


Shake it Up

The handshake is such a conditioned reflex in North American that if you decide not to shake hands in business you need to give the other person a reason (or excuse) why you're not.


Try a phrase like, “Since I’ve got a bit of a cold I'm not comfortable shaking hands.” This is better than, “Because I think you've got something I don't want to catch, I don’t want to shake your hand.”


Hand Sanitizer Etiquette

Liberal use of hand sanitizers is recommended. The correct hand sanitizer etiquette is not to pull it out and use it immediately after shaking a person's hand (which is non-inclusive behavior and basically says, “Ew, you’ve got cooties!”).


Instead, after a bit of social pleasantries mention, “Since it's flu season I’ve been keeping hand sanitizer handy,” and offer some to them (inclusive behavior which says I care about both of us).


Non-handshake Greetings:

Some non-handshake greetings that will work for non-official business functions such as holiday get-togethers.


Healthy High Five

Athletes are always coming up with new ways of acceptable male to male social touching. The fist bump has become a common handshake replacement that is more H1N1 friendly. Contact is made with part of the hand that doesn’t involve eating and it can be used by either gender. Click here to see President and Mrs. Obama fist bumping.


An even safer version is the virtual fist bump or air bump where you both make the gesture without actually touching fists.


The high five is not actually a greeting (no matter what David Putty in Seinfeld thinks) and still involves palm to palm contact but the air high five is a safe alternative. Click here for more high five trivia.


Passionate Air Kisses

What about the lip kiss or cheek kiss that is expected at friend and family gatherings? Air kisses were seen to be a somewhat insincere practice of celebrities who didn’t want to muss their perfect hair or makeup and therefore seem not as genuine as a real peck on the cheek. This may be changing.


Your Italian grandmother might not like it but air kisses may just be the thing for a holiday party H1N1 sensitive greeting. Try just brushing cheeks and making that kissy sound. Saying “Dahhhling, it’s soooo good to see you” is optional. Click here for a not so air kiss. No, that's not Terry, on the right, left or centre.


Left Hand Eating

Why do hors d'oeuvres have to be the stickiest, messiest food available? A networking tip we have always given our seminar participants is they should eat with the left hand (if their culture allows it) so their right hand isn't sticky when they shake.

In the era of H1N1, this strategy has the added benefit of less likelihood of you consuming germs when you mix and mingle.


Darwin’s Theory of Evolving Etiquette

We’ve taken a light hearted approach but etiquette really does evolve to meet new situations and technologies. This holiday season be sure to cut yourself and those you meet a little slack. Being well mannered isn’t about being prissy or perfect but it is about adapting the etiquette rules to show consideration to the situation, yourself and others.


But let’s all hope and pray that the new H1N1 etiquette doesn't need to become the standard ongoing etiquette.


Season's greetings and wishes for a safer more peaceful planet. High five! (Oh yes, we bought you a gift, see Q&A below)

Joanne and Terry




Click here for Holiday Dressing on a Recession Budget Tips


If you find yourself with any other etiquette, networking or dress questions consider taking one of our public seminars this February in Edmonton.

Etiquette Power - Gain a Competitive Advantage

Feb. 26, 2010

Savvy Networking - Rev Up Your Relationship Building Skills

Feb. 26, 2010

'Brand' New You - Image Enhancement for Career Women

Feb. 19, 2010


Business Etiquette, Dress & Dining

Dress Advice - Holiday Dressing on a Recession Budget


Q: What can I wear to the party?


I've got a lot of parties and get togethers this Christmas. Money is a little tight. Have you got any advice on how I can get a party wear look without breaking the bank?


- Jane on the Plain




You can easily and inexpensively transition your business wear to holiday wear if you use classic wardrobe items like a pencil skirt, classic pants or a little black dress which are very ‘chameleon like’.


Black is a great choice for these items, but any solid more neutral colour which will act as a backdrop, such as charcoal gray, burgundy or dark brown is more conducive to accessorizing. The key to making it work is to select richer looking dressier fabrics in finer weaves such as wool crepe. 


Then dress it up. If you're going to spend any money buy a new sparkly party top. Click here to see some great ideas but note that the dressier pants look much richer than the jeans. Accessorizing completes the look. An evening pashmina shawl with gold or silver threads woven throughout can add instant pizzaz to a classic ensemble.


A double strand of chunky pearls or a gem stone necklace will add focus to the face. Dangly chandelier style earrings bring the eye upward. And don’t forgot to exchange your classic pumps for a pair of strappy sandals or sling backs, and trade in your leather hand bag for a small elegant clutch. Your make-up and hair style can be more dramatic to suit the occasion. 


A word of caution: your look needs to be balanced. If you select one dramatic piece, then other accessories needs to be subordinate – the various embellishments should harmonize and not compete with each other. These small changes don’t cost a fortune and they can effortlessly take you from plain Jane to Glamorous Goddess.


- Joanne




Gifting Advice


Q: What do you get for someone who has everything?


I want to get client gifts that show I care, but most of us have everything we need and nobody needs more "stuff". What do you suggest?


- Sharing in Sidney


A: a herd of goats


a donation to a good charity is an eco friendly and rewarding gift.

There are many to choose from. You can often chose what "gift" you want your donation to go to.


To say thanks to our clients and readers, we have sponsored for the second year through Oxfam some gifts including girls’ education, a peace donation and some goats for needy families.

Click here to see a picture of your goat and other planet friendly corporate gifts.

It shows you remember your clients but it also enables you to spread the holiday cheer around to where it really helps.


- Terry


P.S. Another timely gift. If you want to be sure you or your family's dining skills look good for the holiday season check out our dining etiquette video training program.

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Joanne did 10 (count them 10) image presentations at Christmas in November in Jasper


It was a great time, if you didn't go be sure to book next year, everyone who went raved about it. (Terry got to go and he enjoyed being one of the few men in a sea of fantastic women at Jasper Park lodge) What's not to like. Click here to see the photos, Joanne is in the 3rd. photo with friend and host, Gail Hall


Terry finally gets to Fort McMurray

Terry presented 3 fun networking presentations for CMA Alberta  to get their professional development days off to a mixing good start in Edmonton and Fort McMurray. They are "Creative Accountants" in the best possible way.


Our New Website

Our new Website and Blog is coming in the new year. Stay tuned.

Word to the Wise:

Never renovate your house and renovate your website at the same time. (Our home renovations are still ongoing and now we need new furniture. Will it ever end?)



Edmonton Public Workshops in February


'Brand' New You - Image Enhancement for Career Women

Feb. 19, 2010


Terry and Joanne are co-facilitating these half day seminars:


Etiquette Power - Gain a Competitive Advantage

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Feb. 26, 2010


Savvy Networking - Rev Up Your Relationship Building Skills

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Feb. 26, 2010



Terry & Joanne's Book and Movie Picks -


FYI - a little bit about our personalities

For those that haven't attended one of our co-facilitated seminars, our personalities are quite different from each other and we have some fun with that. Joanne is more relationship oriented and Terry is more a Mr. Logical - read the manual type of guy.




Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World

by Mary Pipher


Joanne read it first then suggested it to Terry. Both of us gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up.


After decades as a psychotherapist and best-selling author of Reviving Ophelia and The Shelter of Each Other, Mary Pipher turns her attention to herself - collecting insights from her own life to illuminate the importance of the journey, not just the destination.


In Seeking Peace, she tells her own remarkable story, and in the process reveals truths about our search for happiness and love. While her story is unique, "the basic map and milestones of my story are universal," she writes. "We strive to make sense of our selves and our environments." It will help you be in the moment.



Two DVDs we recently enjoyed were -


Swimming Upstream - The inspirational true story of an Australian young swimmer's quest for Olympic gold, Swimming Upstream is a gripping tale of emotional triumph. Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis deliver terrific performances in this inspirational film on growing up in a dysfunctional family, dreams, determination and defeating the odds.


Ghost Town - A comedy that shows you how not to make friends and influence people. A dentist who is the epitome of a poor conversationalist, accidently gains the ability to communicate with ghosts. A ghost makes a deal with him to break up an engagement between his widow and her new boyfriend. Good for a evening's light entertainment.


We love books and movies. Please share your finds and favorites with us. (foreign or otherwise)



Speaking of books -

Joanne's book!

Executive Image Power

Executive Image Power is the key ingredient to building confidence, making a great impression and getting what you want every time.


More savvy and sophistication are yours with the insider insights of top corporate image experts. With Executive Image Power you can be your best everyday.


Click here for more information or to order



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