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Knock, knock. There were two skunks, some bums, some corpse brides and some we couldn’t quite figure out what they were. But one thing that impressed us Halloween night, was the number of polite kids. Most showed their appreciation and thanked us for their treats, (yes, even the ones who weren’t being chaperoned by parents).


This seemed to be contrary to what we hear about the younger generation. Maybe it’s when we get into our jobs and careers that we aren’t so grateful or forget to show gratitude, especially when we are busy.  (Click here to see very scary polite kid costumes)


The C-word

Speaking of busy, we don’t want to scare you but now Halloween is over, only x number of shopping days left before the C word.


Are you starting to think about ways to show your yearly appreciation to clients and colleagues? Dusting off the old gift baskets, gift certificates and liquor bottles.


Here's a novel idea for gifts this year.


Inexpensive, very green & infinitely reusable.

Just say... thanks. It's simple, so simple you're probably saying “we all know that”. But if we all know it why is it that people don’t hear it enough.


Because gratitude is getting rarer, it’s value has increased.

Colleagues like it, clients like it and even your family members like it.


People appreciate being appreciated.

When it comes to colleagues, employees and customers, studies reveal that people rarely leave jobs or stop dealing with organizations for monetary reasons alone. They leave because they don't feel valued or appreciated.  (Do you think it could be the same for our personal relationships?)


So while tangible yearly gifts of appreciation are nice, (click here to read our handy article on tips to personalize business gifts) in our affluent hi-tech lo-touch world, personal expressions of gratitude are more memorable.


Not just for the C-eason

If we get into the habit of acknowledging and thanking people throughout the year, it will do more for their feelings of being valued and appreciated. As it makes the giver and the receiver feel better, it also builds stronger team and business relationships.


Here's a list of some ways to show appreciation and nurture internal/external relationships year-round.

  • Call regularly
  • Return calls quickly
  • Invite them for coffee or lunch
  • Ask them about their interests outside of work
  • Pass on news of opportunities that may interest them
  • Apologize when you drop the ball
  • Send personal notes and cards
  • Send condolence cards for unhappy occasions
  • Share your knowledge, resources and contacts


Boo - surprise your coworkers

Surprise the heck out of one of your colleagues and coworkers. When they do something that makes your job or life easier, thank them, even when it's for just “doing their job”. (Don’t Do try this at home)


Guess what, you can compliment and thank the same person more than once without spoiling them or their work ethic. (Guys, this is like being in a relationship, where it is not enough to say I love you, once in your life. Once is not enough, people need to hear it often. Click here to see how to make this work in a relationship)


What goes around comes around

If you're not getting enough appreciation at your job, watch what happens when you start thanking and nurturing those around you more. It is better to give than receive, but we bet you'll start receiving more too.


So like the kids, take care of the planet and each other. Go green and start recycling gratitude each and every day, not just at C.


Oh, by the way, thanks for being our readers, clients and friends.

Joanne and Terry


PS - If you get a chance we'd love to see you at one of our upcoming public seminars in Calgary Alberta and Victoria BC.

Q&A - Business Etiquette, Dress & Table Manners Advice

Contact us with your questions.


Business Dress Question:


Q:  Hands On Cleavage Test?

There are so many women in the business world today showing (in my opinion) too much cleavage... what do you think.


I heard the test formula is to hold your palm (fingers closed) horizontally on your chest, beginning(thumb) at your collarbone, and where your baby finger ends - (halfway down your chest) is as low as your shirt should go.


Please...what is your recommendation for women? After all, we don't see men's chests or stomachs......they are usually completely covered, unless their collars are open and we might see some chest hair (not usually in the bank or at the board-room table though).


- Claire Lee Ofindid in Chesterton



Thank you for your question. This is one of the areas that employers ask us to address all too frequently.
Unfortunately celebrities, tv and the fashion industry have much influence in the way women choose to dress. The bottom line is this, cleavage baring looks diminish one's credibility, and is a distraction in the workplace.


Your formula works. Another simple test, I call the dip test: bend over, if you're showing more than a hint of cleavage, choose something else for business.


- Joanne


Men aren't immune.

(Click here for a look at men's cleavage issues)

Dining Question:


Q:  Women Stingy Tippers?

I have heard that women are supposed to be stingy tippers. Is this true?


- Short Changed in Phoenix



Joanne was interviewed in the latest Nov. issue of More magazine on this same topic and you might be surprised by the results.

Link to More Magazine

Click here to read the Women & Tipping article PDF


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Quotable Quotes:


Gratitude is a fruit of great cultivation; you do not find it among gross people.

- Samuel Johnson


Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.
- Barack Obama

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