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posted Jan 24, 2011 in Dress & Image / Movies & TV / by Joanne Blake

Golden Globes reveal fashion hits and misses

Claire DanesOur take on the Golden Globe Awards' Fashions.

Tips and advice for your personal image. How to dress and how not to dress from the celebrity Hits and Misses.

Lots of Color

The great news is for a change we saw a huge variety of color being worn by the stars. There was every shade of red  imaginable from ruby red to fuchsia and honeysuckle, (a bright coral). Unfortunately all the colors don't look great on all of us or on all the celebrities. (Click the links to see the dresses)

The Hits:

It was terrific to see Claire Danes win best actress for Temple Grandin. Claire looked positively radiant in honeysuckle, the new hot color for spring 2011. The halter styled dress was very attractive on her as it highlighted her best features, her strong, sculpted  shoulders.

(Terry and I thought Temple Grandin was the best made-for-TV movie that we've seen for a long time. An inspiring true life story about an extraordinary woman who suffers from autism yet has become a successful scientist author and autism advocate. It was great to see the “real” Dr. Temple Grandin at the awards.)

Jennifer Lopez practiced some restraint in her choice of color and clothing style. The soft white color made her skin look translucent and the shapely dress revealed her hourglass figure without over emphasizing it.    

Helen Mirren is always a class act.  As a mature star she is aging gracefully and chooses styles that are “age appropriate” without looking matronly. She’s conscious that her body toning isn’t what it used to be and so she chose a golden gown with semi-transparent sleeves that revealed her arms without exposing them. Her skin tone is soft and the shade of gold chosen allowed her to shine.

The Misses:

Natalie Portman’s look could have been an contender. The pearl pink color was stunning on her as was the softly ruffled sheath on her growing body (she’s pregnant). But the oversized rose appliqué competed with her for attention as did her jewelry. Our Tip - always watch the scale of appliqué.

Halle Berry looked great from the neck up! Her dress (if you could call it that) left nothing to the imagination. In the bedroom it would definitely be a hit, on the red carpet, it seemed a tad sleazy. Our Advice - always leave a little more to the imagination.

Angelina Jolie's choice was both a hit and a miss. The brilliant green dress complimented her eyes and complexion beautifully. The style was not particularly inspiring as the high neckline made her look ‘boxed’ in and a bit matronly. Our Tip - she's in great shape and tone, reveal a little more neck and shoulders but not as much as Halle.

How to choose colors

In summary, reds, and pastels in every shade predominated on the Golden Globes. The key advice to choosing flattering colors for you is in ensuring that the color is subordinate to you and that the undertone compliments your skin tone, hair and eyes. If when wearing a certain color you look lost or conversely blend in, that’s a cue it’s not right for you.

Posted by Joanne Blake - the Personal Image Expert
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