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May 04, 2015

Wardrobe Malfunction Horror Stories

Expect the unexpected......

Apr 20, 2015

Seven Tips for a Great LinkedIn Photo

Your picture is worth a thousand words......

Apr 16, 2015

Things You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do via Videoconferencing

Videoconference dos and don'ts......

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By Giovanni B. on May 02, 2015

Thanks Joanne for those fabulous tips on LinkedIn photos. I don’t...

in Seven Tips for a Great LinkedIn Photo

By Sue Van Nostrand on Apr 28, 2015

More important in my opinion is your actual manners.  That is how you...

in Dining - Which bread plate is mine? Try BMW tip.

By Trish Brousson on Apr 22, 2015

Joanne, having lived in France for a short 8 months we did notice how...

in How to Be Parisian – Fashion, Life and Fun Advice

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posted May 04, 2015 in Dress & Image / by Joanne Blake / 0 comments

Wardrobe Malfunction Horror Stories

I was chatting with the female CEO of a large Canadian corporation who shared her most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.  She attends many gala events and at one particular function she wore a brand new slim fitting, sleek ‘mermaid’ style dress.  She was feeling pretty glamorous right up until the malfunction.

Uh-oh I feel a breeze

Oops a wardrobe malfunctionWhile seated for dinner she suddenly felt cold. She reached around to touch the back of her dress and instead her finger tips touched skin. Uh-oh! To her...

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posted Apr 20, 2015 in Dress & Image / by Joanne Blake / 1 comments

Seven Tips for a Great LinkedIn Photo

Your profile picture is worth a thousand words

I received a request from a newsletter subscriber asking me to critique four photos that she was hoping to narrow down to one for her professional LinkedIn profile.  As a corporate image consultant, when I saw them, I cringed.

Seven Tips for a Great LinkedIn PhotoTwo photos were full body shots where you couldn’t really make out her face, so those weren’t good. The other two were head shots; but in one she was very serious (which made her seem cold and standoffish) and in the...

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