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Terry Pithers & Joanne Blake

Style for Success Canadian Business Etiquette Experts and Corporate Image Consultants

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Etiquette, networking and image training
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Style for Success is Canada's premier team of corporate image consultants and business etiquette experts, speakers, trainers and coaches.

With headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Style for Success Inc. is the team of Joanne Blake and Terry Pithers. Since 1995 they have worked with organizations and leaders who recognize the importance of a confident, polished, professional image and business etiquette skills in building brand and meeting client expectations to generate trust, credibility and profit.

In addition to personal image consulting covering dress for success and casual wear, they provide a full range of Customer/Client Skills training, including business etiquette, business dining, networking and conversation. These skills are essential in attracting and maintaining solid business relationships. Joanne and Terry work with companies and individual clients in helping them establish an image and attitude that is consistent with their corporate culture and brand.

Presentations by Style for Success focus on empowering, life enhancing skills and boast an exceptionally high satisfaction rating among attendees.

Facilitating individually and as a speaker team, Joanne, the corporate image consultant and Terry, the business etiquette expert, make their seminars informative, effective, interactive and enjoyable. That’s why their conference and retreat presentations are so popular. They regularly offer public seminars in the Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta area and also in Vancouver, British Columbia through APEGBC. Joanne and Terry present to Canadian professional organizations across Canada.

2203 - 133 Avenue | Edmonton, Alberta | T5A 4Z9 | Canada | Tel: 780-472-0767 | Fax: 780-475-8790

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